Introduction: Hidden Cabinet Wastebin

This is super simple but its really awesome especially if you throw away little stuff like coffee grounds, eggshells, etc. And your waste bin is on the other side of the kitchen!


1 small wastebin

2- 1ft long pieces of 1/2" pvc pipe

3- double sided mounting tape (you can use the command tape too)

Step 1: Mount PVC Pipe to Wastebin

Easy enough, take your chose command tape or double sided mounting tape and attach the pvc pipe to the top and bottom of the wastebin.

Step 2: Mount Wastebin to Inside of Cabinet

Choose cabinet where you want your hidden wastebin. For me it was the cabinet closest to the stove so I could just turn and toss peels, eggshells, or coffee grounds into the wastebin.

Follow instructions on double sided tape/command tape and attach to the inside of the cabinet so that the top of the wastebasket will clear the top of the cabinet.

Use recycled grocery bags as can liner trash bags :)


mrsmerwin (author)2017-02-23

I think this is a must do. Thanks for the idea.

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