Picture of Hidden Cabinet
This is a hidden cabinet large enough to fit two remote controls, a wallet, a watch, and a bunch of other small items. Using this guide to direct you through this project will facilitate the process. The cabinet is hidden by a faux DVD collection that flips upward when pressed inward.

WHY: My TV was mounted onto the wall using a bulky bracket. From the left and right sides of the TV, the brackets would show. I covered them up by making two smaller sized boxes to fit and block the bracket area. I just recently remodeled my room, so I thought it would be nice to do something a little more creative than a standard shelf. The hidden shelf looks like a stack of dvds, but is in fact a hidden door.

This secret door is also a fairly nice way to conceal electronics.

Cost: Roughly $25

Every part seen in this guide can easily be purchased at your local hardware store.

This project should probably be done before the assembly of the outer cabinet, it will make measurements easier. Otherwise be ready to be asphyxiated by bondo fumes.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
You will need:


1x metal rod (needs to be able to slip through the spring of a mouse trap)
1x mouse trap
2x Bottle of 5 minute epoxy
1x magnetic cabinet clutch (push in/out)
1x 2'x4' laminated 1/8 MDF board
1x Tube of PL glue
Bondo (too cover up mistakes)
Tin Foil


Drill and drill bit
Hack saw
Table saw
Miter Saw

As many DVD cases needed to fill in the empty space

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crashzoom5 months ago
Is there a way to get cheap disk covers?

cool idea, and I like how you picked dvds that no person would ever try to watch or steal to keep the items safe.

Ishben1 year ago

Whooa really nice one there !!

twighahn2 years ago
use a child safety magnetic lock and put the handle for the secret door/bookcase in it and use the the door for a panic room.
ousire6 years ago
the only problem is that if a friend comes over they might want to watch or borrow one of the DVD's. then you gotta problem XD i might re-tool this for a picture or newspaper clipping....
scubaru ousire4 years ago
Here is what you do...

Go to Walmart
Find $3-$5 movie bin
Buy the most boring named movies

Instant "No one wants to watch these movies" cabinet cover! ;)
Or if you have kids. use their DVD cases (Our son keeps all his DVDs in a CD book) or you can just tell all your friends "Sorry, I don't loan DVD's."
Vinsu ousire4 years ago
Just use so bad movies as cover that no one will want to touch them.
Good idea, but you cut up Star Wars when you had Scary Movie just sitting there begging for the blade :'(
Star Wars was sacrificed to deter would be remote thieves, any self respecting remote thief would instantly see Scary movie and know that it was a secret compartment..with iconic titles it lends crediblity to the authenticity of the "DvD Shelf", well played sir, well played indeed..
MMoyce3 years ago
can someone please make a video showing how 2 make this 4 my own understanding :-)
tinker2343 years ago
i like this i wonder if i set this up with a trunk
wolfcrow5 years ago
Very cool idea... I may have to thieve this and mod it to work with books. I know, very Bruce Wayne, but why not?
Romado12187 (author)  wolfcrow5 years ago
yeah books would be cool too, I just felt bad ruining books, you'd have to get a set too, they all should be the same height.
just get some water damaged books or the 'throwaways' for some place like halfprice books. they get rid of a lot of books that are unreadable/saleable everyday.
Some of the major booksellers have blank books in hardback of all sizes i've gotten a few from borders books they have all sizes and colors that way you wouldn't have to ruin anything litteral ....
jmonty4 years ago
dude thats awesome!
jamiec534 years ago
Good idea! Except you just posted what your new safe looks like on the web!
harley_rly5 years ago
this would be a good way to hide "questionable" substances from parents
you sly fox you
cool ill try it with books no one reads thatsolves that problem ps go colbert
My little brother use to read Shoen Jumps (some Japanese comics in English) so i'm gonna make one with the spines from them.
el Viejo6 years ago
Question: step 10, pic #5, I see an AC duplex outlet on the top center of the door with plug going into what I suppose is another DVD cover display. Wahzzup? Your idea is terrific and I intend to adapt it into a bookshelf. El Viejo
I think it's a coat hook... but I first thought it was an AC outlet
syrax6 years ago
excellent :)) great work
scott!6 years ago
Awesome idea! (oh, and I'm watching the colbert report right now too!)
SWV17876 years ago
looks awesome but if someone is going to rob your house I think a stack of DVDs may be the first thing to get swiped so it may not be as secure a hiding place as one might think. But don't get me wrong I love the whole cloak and dagger hidden passage and safe things.
I disagree, if you're going to rob someone's house I doubt you would stop to take their copy of Joe Dirt when there is a TV right next to it.
but how much easier is it to just grab a bunch of dvds, dvds are actually something that are grabbed first
when we were robbed earlier this year, the sc?*&% took a TV off the wall, a laptop, & left all the DVDs, not to mention the ipod!
some people are just not smart, including anyone who robs people in the first place, and then doesn't take the easiest items to carry
haha. agreed.
haha I second that Magicmoper
yea besides that it is probably not intended to be a safe in case you get robbed. its just a hiding spot from friends and family. besides that if you did get robbed the fact that they found your cabinet would be the least of your problems.
berky93 SWV17876 years ago
actually, a robber only stays in a house for an average of 8 minutes. in that time they'll usually target the most obvious and valuable items that they can sell easily and for a lot of money
Romado12187 (author)  SWV17876 years ago
haha that is probably pretty true.
poparoo46 years ago
Good instructable, Well written and good pictures! *scribbles something down seems to be about next house to rob*
Ginge66 years ago
Very nice, I love the wallpaper too!
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