This is a quick and easy how to for a hidden and strapless pouch to be worn under clothing. Comfortable, light, water resistant and ultra thin, keep essential documents, emergency credit card, and "mad money" out of sight and away from typical hiding places. Ideal for long travel when staying in Hostels or hotels without safes.

Estimated time: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Estimated cost: $1 to free

Skill level: Low

Often given, and very good, travel advisers often say that the wallet that you use when in public should not be all of your money or have your travel documents in them. Most travel pouches leave the pouch in a predictable location at the hip and leave a visible strap along your neck.

This pouch can be clipped onto any waist band, under shirt, or bra and leaves little to no evidence once you have a shirt on. I consider my "get home no matter what just happened kit" to be a passport, 1 credit card with room on it, and about $100 cash in local currency (represented in the photo by my library cards). Baggage lost, mugged, pick pocketed, stranded, these items are what you need to get back to the hotel, back on a plane, or just out of the city. This pouch is sized to fit these items and not much else, but a larger pouch could easily be made with just a bit more fabric and a larger plastic pouch. 

Please excuse my paranoid preparations :-) But it's a good precaution

Step 1: Materials

For this project, most of what is needed is sitting around the average house, namely:

Fabric: I used and old t-shirt, but anything comfortable, washable and thin is fine. Aprox: 1/4 yard, or 10'' by 6'' will do

paperclips: I used two novelty hand shaped ones for their wider grip, but two normal large paperclips will also work, or any low profile clip

1 plastic folder, small size. I used one with a snap, but a zip top one would probably be better in retrospect. Needs to be just large enough to fit a passport and a few papers.

1 pair sewing scissors with sharp end, or a large bore needle

1 sewing needle and about a yard of thread

glue: just a bit, anything that will adhere to plastic and dries clear. This is for waterproofing more than actually holding.

Regular or fabric scissors

Great idea!
Very nice
Very useful, since most thieves are familiar with the usual belt/neck/shoe options. I find the back of the neck a very comfortable hiding spot, although I have to try the bra as well ;) I made a a pouch with just fabric, sewn-in hair clips and two small press buttons to put my passport into. It is stiff enough without a folder and you can put smaller stuff (credit cards, money) inside the passport. I also recommend having photocopied of your ID and credit cards with you, in case everything gets stolen, you can be identified at an embacy and block your cards. <br>Thanks for the good instructable!

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