Introduction: Hidden Compartment: "Alternative Art"

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Hi guys, this one of my entries for the "hidden compartments" contest.

The best hiding spots are of course those in plain site. This is a way you can hide objects in a piece of "art".

I chose a snowman because I had a huge chunk of white play dough. however you can apply this method to any shape or design, as long as your compartment fits inside.

Step 1: Materials and Design

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Decide on your design then gather some play dough and a container that will fit in ur design.

Step 2: Shape and Hide

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Step 3: Hide in Plain Site

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Now that you have your figure put it somewhere on a shelf next to more figures or crafts. The trick is to make sure people know that it's a piece of art so no one decides to take it apart.

Thanks for taking a look! send me pictures of your "art safe" and ill post them here :) also i'd appreciate your vote in the hidden compartments contests!


DaddysGal22 (author)2014-01-14

That is so cool

kreator (author)DaddysGal222014-04-06

Thank you, your support means a lot.

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