I love anything with secret compartments. From the big (secret passageways) to the small (a secret pocket in a jacket), there’s just something delightful about things that are hidden away.

Step 1: Equipment

-big book (looks better old and choose the size that most fits your needs)
-sharp knife
-glue (mix flour and water)

Step 2: Preparation

Place a plastic bag over the front cover so that the glue won't stick later.

Step 3:

Now glue down the sides of the pages with glue an put it somewhere it will stay in place for example a vice or just under some bottles of water for at least 2 hours to make it hold. If it hasn't held repeat the process.

Step 4:

You can now take of the plastic bag and cut into it as deep as you require.

If afterwards the glue isn't working glue it again ,you can also sand it in the middle

Step 5: Filling

You can fit whatever you want in it from passports to money to security codes what ever you like
<p>Nice, but in my experience i left the beautiful map on the first page instead of cut it</p>
<p>I would definitly agree with you on that point</p>
<p>Thanks Eragon. I'll remove the hard cover, glue pages, and use the band saw, then reassemble the cover. Mass production on its way, because I cannot find anyone to donate my books to.</p>
<p>It is all fun and games till you have a yard sale.</p>
I just picked up a cheap one from the charity shop
Amazing, for sure! I just dont think i would be able to do that to one of my books. I wuv them too much. :P
Great job, love it
<p>nice job , but don't they usually leave a few pages before you get to the money </p>
<p>Great looking book safe.</p>

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