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Introduction: Hidden Compartment Shelf

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In this project I make a shelf that has a nice little hidden compartment perfect for hiding valuables from thieves or children!

Some mobile applications won't allow the video to be played so here is the link


Step 1:



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    Great project, I'll be making a version of it soon. I have a question before I do. There are two blocks on the frame that appear without explanation and are not there in the picture of the mounted shelf so they must be on the front side. Are they just spacers to add shelf depth? Again really great project, thanks.

    Now, I can hide every thing a man needs to hide. IYKWIM!!XD

    Like your virginity ooooooooor?

    Nice and simple. People need to lighten up. I agree with the glasses. But, seriously people. Appreciate it for what it is. Quit critiquing everything he is doing / not doing. Just enjoy that this is a simple, good looking, fun project! ;)

    I need to make this, it is absolutely beautiful, great work and thanks for sharing.

    Just a note on safety, pulling a cut piece back against the tablesaw blade is a very dangerous move, as the piece can climb the blade and start a kickback. Also it roughs up the forward cut. Otherwise its good to see people without gray hair getting into woodworking!

    I saw a guy do that exact thing with a half of a sheet of plywood. It kicked back and I thought it had cut him in half. Knocked him across the room. That taught me all the respect that I needed for a table saw. That and watching a guy get his fingers detatched from one. LOL