You ever want to have a secret compartment to hide your valuables in but thought it was to hard? Well think again because this instructable will help you make one.  

Step 1: Finding a Good Spot

Building a secret compartment is all about finding the right spot, somewhere that no one would look or notice.
 Best thing to do just go into a room you want a secret compartment in and just look around for awhile.

Example - 
I have this dresser in my room I noticed one day while looking for a good secret compartment spot that the top inside had these support beams that were exposed. So I thought what if there were a board covering them leaving a little room for some stuff no one would notice that It would look perfectly normal.

Examples of compartments 

 - False bottom drawer (really easy!)
 - Book
 - lamp
 - Wall outlet
 - led bulb (example in pics) 
<p>Cool idea. If you include some more pictures of how it is assembled, it would help other people to see how to make it. </p>

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