Introduction: Hidden Compartments

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You ever want to have a secret compartment to hide your valuables in but thought it was to hard? Well think again because this instructable will help you make one.  

Step 1: Finding a Good Spot

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Building a secret compartment is all about finding the right spot, somewhere that no one would look or notice.
 Best thing to do just go into a room you want a secret compartment in and just look around for awhile.

Example - 
I have this dresser in my room I noticed one day while looking for a good secret compartment spot that the top inside had these support beams that were exposed. So I thought what if there were a board covering them leaving a little room for some stuff no one would notice that It would look perfectly normal.

Examples of compartments 

 - False bottom drawer (really easy!)
 - Book
 - lamp
 - Wall outlet
 - led bulb (example in pics) 

Step 2: Hardware

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There is lots of different hardware you can use to close your secret compartments here are some examples.

 - Magnetic catch

 - Roller catch 

 - Tension catch

 - Ball catch

 - Zipper

 - Velcro

 - Ext....

All of this can be found at your local hardware store.

In the pictures there is an example of how you could use the roller catch and there is my dresser compartment I mention earlier.

Step 3: Done

That's the basics to building a secret compartment it's really all up to you.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-06-07

Cool idea. If you include some more pictures of how it is assembled, it would help other people to see how to make it.

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