Looks like a crossbow, but technically it's a slingshot. I saw instructions for a BIC pen "Bow and Arrow" on the site and decided to step it up a notch.
     This contraption is made to be worn under a loose sleeve, hidden from sight. It shoots the ink cartridge of a ball-point pen. The trigger (a clothespin) is rigged to fire when I flick my wrist back.

The instructable is now up! You can find it here.

<p>tell us how to make it DUDE</p>
nice job we can't make this because there aren't any instructions
<p>This thing is absolutely amazing although it took me around two hours to make but easy to do when your watching a boring movie. </p>
how do u make it <br>
mine doesn't work (despite my picture, i am not a troll)
Just a suggestion: you could use a duct tape sleeve instead of a Popsicle stick one so its comfortable.
cool very cool if you did a dedlear crossbow would even better but it&acute;s still very cool
omg dude this is amazing
Hey, cool crossbow, is there anyway to create&nbsp; a hidden blade mechanism?<br />
yea i created a hidden blade but it takes 10 min if ur a pro and 30 if amuture
A lot of people are using drawer slides. I myself am looking for a good small one.<br /> <br /> Here's a good example:<br /> http://www.indymogul.com/backyardfx/episode/BFX_20090119/quick-draw-sleeve-gun-build<br />
I'll see if I can try<br />
I like ur username.
the best username ive seen is 'unkown'
&nbsp;eh its ok but its only a cross bow ive made an airsoft hidden pistole thats about 250 fps, im making an instructable for and it will be up in about a week
Ooh, looking forward to seeing that!<br /> Personally, though, I have a certain admiration for the more archaic weapons.<br />
that thing is pretty cool though i think i might make one, as for the airsoft ive made three differnt models and the first one is only the prototype<br />
Plz post an instructable i wanna make this so badly
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Hidden-Crossbow-version-20/" rel="nofollow">Here</a> ya go.<br />
thanks i didnt see that<br />
indeed t'is wonderful in mind<br />
How can you post this without instructions?<br />
Yeah, sorry. I made this about a year ago, so I don't have pictures. Once finals are over I can start working on one to post.<br />
can u post how to trigger mechanism works and just how to build the trigger<br />
It's pretty much just a clothespin with a hole drilled through the ends you pinch together. Tie a strong string onto one side and thread it through the hole in the other. When the string is pulled, it should bring the two parts together.<br /> <br /> The end that is held closed by the spring is what holds the rubber band back, so the strength of the clothespin directly affects the tension you can have in the band. The rubber band is looped through a special catch that fits into the clothespin, so the rubber band is not directly pinched by it.<br /> <br /> I hope that helps until I can post the whole thing.<br />
That helps a lot. Thank you. <br />
Simple, as a slideshow...<br />
Wow! It's just like Altair's secret blade, only as a projectile!<br />
like ezios thingy
can u post an instructable on it<br />
If you replace the ammo with a blade that doesnt launch, rather just stick out when fired, and widened the launcher, it could be like Jigsaw's arm blade in the first Saw. Please post instructions!!!
I was thinking Assassins Creed.
Yeah that too.
Assassins Creed is a million times cooler.
i agree... nice bow, please post an instructable <br />
wow nice crossbow very creative&iexcl;&iexcl;&iexcl;&iexcl;&iexcl;&iexcl;&iexcl;&iexcl;&iexcl;<br />
nice crossbow<br /> <br /> <br />
nice please post instructable<br />

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