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Introduction: Hidden Door

About: I like to turn trash into useful treasures. I believe less gives you time for MORE in your life. I love riding motorcycles.

I found a broken bunk bed in the trash. I used the side rails to make a box to block the entrance to the hall.

Step 1:

I re-used the screws from the bed.

Step 2:

I put some 1x4 inch plywood on the back of the top and some mirror squares over that.

Step 3:

I used a piano hinge to attach it to the door jam.

Step 4:

I finished off was a handle on the inside and glued some magnets to hold it shut.



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    You have great ideas but your instructions are lacking detail.

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    I will be happy to go over any parts if there is any questions. I am not one for reading directions so I try to limit mine. In cooking I just snap a photo of the ingredients and wing it. I took more photos during the process but they got deleted. I can take more of the door if that would help. Thanks for liking my idea.

    This is a great idea, and blends in just as well as the table!