Time for the Easter egg hunt! They aren't hidden that well, but what would be the fun in that? They are just too cute to hide away!

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what you need to make one of these cards yourself.


  • Green Paper
  • Other colored papers of choice (I used pastel pink, green, yellow, blue and purple)
  • White Paper
  • Blank Greeting Card or cut out your own
  • Glue and/or Sticky Squares (I used both)
  • Silhouette Machine from Silhouette America
  • File (attached zipped up cause I can't attach it straight)
This card is so sweet! You put so much work into the directions! Wow! Great work and homemade cards are still greatly appreciated by many! Thank you! One fun idea for a family with a few kids is to put their names on the back of different eggs so they have to find their "own". Would be fun to send to family out of state!
<p>Thank you and I agree, that would be fun :D</p>
<p>I would love to download the Hidden Easater Eggs Cards, but I only have the SVG format. I can't download the PDF. Is there anyone that can help me with this?</p>
<p>I actually didn't have the PDFs before. I've added them to Step 1: Supplies</p>
<p>Love this! Such a cute card. </p>
<p>Thank you :)</p>
<p>This is adorable!</p>
<p>Thank you! I really enjoyed making the little eggs :)</p>
<p>I love this idea. If I download the silhouette idea will it work on Cricut? I am new to paper cutting machines. </p>
<p>I don't think it will. I think each program has its own file format. </p>
<p>I think this is a brilliant card for Easter, so adorable! I am having trouble opening the zipped file, is there a trick I am missing?</p>
<p>I don't think so. You should just need to click on it to download it, then, once it is downloaded, click on it to open/unzip it. Then the unzipped file should be in your downloads. It will be a .studio file.</p>
<p>muito criativo!</p>
<p>That is so creative! Nice work!</p>
that is beautiful and so cute!
great :)
Thank you !
How CUTE!!!!!
This is the cutest card!! Good job!
Thank you! I was really happy with how it turned out :)
Now that's a cool card... Thanks for the Instructable. =)
Thank you for taking a look :)
I like all your cards!
Thank you! I enjoy making them :)

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