Hidden Magnetic Key Holder





Introduction: Hidden Magnetic Key Holder

This is my favorite hideaway. I put my keys under my desk with several benefit :

  • Easy to reach.
  • Easy to attach/detach.
  • Unseen.

With practices, you will know how to throw your keys there. Watch this :

Step 1: Materials Incorporated

An old unused harddisk drive. It has a very strong magnet in it. We need the magnet only, the rest.. well, I think we can use the disk as a mirror to check our hair or pinch the pimples :D

Then we need two small screws. Make sure they are not longer than your tabletop thickness.

Step 2: Define Your Position

You can now decide where to screw the magnet under your table. Make sure it is easy for you to reach, but not too near to the edge, otherwise it will not be titled "hidden" anymore.

Screws it on the place with the magnet facing outside to catch the keys.

Step 3: Action!

The magnet won't catch my keys, but my key chain metal ring. So, using a larger metal ring will make it easier to be grabbed.

My split washer key bow replacement also gives the magnet better catch.

I tell the World. Now I need to find a new hideaway, don't I?



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Very cool man! Great idea!

Thank you ^_^
Sometimes I need to bring office wireless phone along in my pocket. My cellphone on the other pocket. Now I can leave my keys there out of sight :D