Hidden Outdoor Lounge Bench





Introduction: Hidden Outdoor Lounge Bench


I wanted to test this design before I built it and thought that Instructables was a good idea.

I wanted to make something to sit on near the fire in the garden.

It should be low to fit the fire.
Foldable to be outside all summer
Have multi purpose.

This is my idea

Step 1: Materials

The materials I want to use is normal plywood which is 20mm thick.

The pictures show the sizes of the materials.
All dimensions are in mm.
1 x Top
1x Buttom
2 x Back/front
2 x End


Step 2: Buttom Frame

The beams are mounted on the buttom in the specified spots and the back is mounted.
The beam is mounted on the back

Step 3: Mounting the Ends

The ends are mounted on the frame setup as specified

Step 4: Mounting Front Beam

The front beam for the fabric is mounted as specified

Step 5: Mounting Fabric

The fabric is mounted from the top of the back beam to the back of the front beam. The idea is to mount the fabric on top of the back with nails and on the buttom of the front with nails

Step 6: Mounting Top

The top is mounted together with the front with a beam and the top is mounted with a hinge.

Step 7: Done

That is all done

Please come with inputs

18.12.10 - Inserted picture of hinge to keep the top from dropping



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    Depending on your upholstery material you may find that nails will quickly rip it open. We tend to use staples but even these may not be enough as your allowing quite a bit of pull when people get in and then out. Think about wrapping the material around a wooden bar and then stapling into place, this way an even pressure is kept throughout the upholstery. Provide a little padding, such as wadding, along the front where the back of the knees are, or it will be uncomfortable with your sling design as people sit back

    i think its fine the way it is..there are hardware out there sold to hold the lids of trunks n suck open out there, and it does add a lil shade n shelter A+A+

    Pretty interesting design. very unique.

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    Hopefully I get time to build it soon and post a picture here

    Umm, what exactly keeps the top open instead of slamming back closed on top of you?

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    That is an issue that I havent made a solution toin the initial build, but different solution can be chosen.
    - Mounting a hinged beam on the front(top in open) that will stick between the side and the top
    - Mounting a hinge on the backside that will keep the top)back in open) from going outwards.

    I will try to add some pictures

    Thx for the heads up

    Well, I hope this makes sense, but I have an idea for an improvement to this. Instead of making the top fold over and back, cut it in half and add hinges to the side. These hinges will let the halves swing outward. Once swung all the way around to meet the side panels, they will create end tables for the bench. I think this would make for a more useful application of the cover.

    Other than that, I think this is a very interesting project. I may be inclined to try building this myself. Good job!

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    The benefit I havent described in the text is the following.
    - When the top is one piece it is not possible for rain to access the bench from the top
    - another thing is that it could protect you a little from the rain.