Picture of Hidden Photo Optical Illusion
image size.jpg
To see the hidden image tilt the computer screen, look at the screen from a side angle, step away from the screen, or shake your head really fast. The image is almost completely invisible if viewing strait on and semi close.

I was looking at optical illusions when I came across "John Lennon optical illusion." See link below for the illusion.
I looked on the internet for a tutorial but couldn't find one. After playing around with Photoshop I came up with this Instructable.

Here is the finished file. 

This can be done with a photo or text. 

Tools needed:
-Adobe Photoshop
- A Photo

Step 1: Black and White lines

Picture of Black and White lines
define Pattern.jpg
Open a new Photoshop file.
Make the size 4 px wide and 9 px long (image 1.)
Zoom in if needed to see.
Use the Single Column Marquee tool  to select 1 column of px (image 2.)
Use the paint bucket tool to fill column. Follow the color scheme, black gray(9f9f9f) white gray(9f9f9f), as seen in image 3.
Define the pattern Edit / Define pattern (images 4 and 5.)

MicioGatta11 months ago

Nice idea!

JM199911 months ago

This is so cool, putting a video behind this screen to hide it would be neat as well.

I like this method of a hidden picture, I so hope I will find the time to do it!

Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!


cmcoffee912 years ago
heres a gimp tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSSBOPrlJ_o
charlyoak2 years ago
This makes my eyes hurt. I now have a headache. I have come to the conclusion that John Lennon is secretly evil.
that is seriously awesome, the instructions are not brilliantly clear though and i would like to know how to do it with GIMP.
AyaJ3 years ago
Thank you for this tutorial .. However I had an issue .. if I saved the file as jpg or png or even dragged the file to illustrator or indesign the lines change and It is not working anymore ...how can I ensure that the image preserves itself to have the same effect in screen on different softwares and also in printing??... Thank you!
simmkerzner3 years ago
I could not do it. can usend me thedetail please
nesvesni3 years ago
This is great !!! thank you :)))
coaleu (author)  nesvesni3 years ago
Np and thanks for the comment
sconde13 years ago
Hey! This was very useful thank you very much! So sweet :)
coaleu (author)  sconde13 years ago
Thanks so much!
vk5600023 years ago
I'm not getting properly, Please send me this file by mail so i can check
coaleu (author)  vk5600023 years ago
ok i will send you the file. if you have any other questions please comment
Can you make a tuturial on how to make this on GIMP?
coaleu (author)  YellowBlu Co.3 years ago
Never really used gimp so i cant if you have any questions i will try and answer them based on photo shop.
khayath3 years ago
hai dude , dats really good...i just wana thnk u, for this...thnk you very much..
coaleu (author)  khayath3 years ago
Chrystalkay3 years ago
You should combine this method with the double face one. It would have people really wondering what they were seeing, but liking it.

rimar20003 years ago
Interesting, but not so hidden...
coaleu (author)  rimar20003 years ago
Thanks for the comment. Yeah my face really isn't that hidden. How hidden it is has to do with angle of view and size/distance from the screen. I didn't want to make it that hard to see the image. The lower the opacity the harder it is to see and makes it where you have to look at more of an extreme angle to see the hidden image. The attached image is a lot harder to see. I have to tilt my laptop screen at at 135° to see the image.