Introduction: Hidden Pocket for Valuables in Your Backpack

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This is a hidden pocket that you can put valuable things in if you're worried about people stealing things from your backpack.

The way I did this included sewing. You can just use safety pins instead though.

And please don't use this to bring items to school (or another place) which shouldn't be there.
Anyways, you don't really need this for smuggling in items. I know people who bring large switchblades to school every day. With the giant hook hooked on the outside of their pants in plain view.

Step 1: Supplies

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Supply list

1. Thread that is the color of the inside of your backpack
2. Pins to hold the cloth up while you attach it.
3. Cloth that is the color of the inside of your backpack.
4. Duct tape the color of your backpack.
5. Scissors
6. A backpack with a cd player pocket.
(7. If you don't want to sew, you can use safety pins.)

Step 2: Measure and Attach the Piece of Cloth.

Picture of Measure and Attach the Piece of Cloth.

First, measure the piece of cloth. Leave at least an inch on all sides in case you make a mistake sewing.

Next, put the piece of cloth behind the cd player pocket and pin the four corners up. Watch out for when the needles come through the backpack and into the pocket.

Step 3: Sew the Cloth On

It can be pretty hard to sew well inside of a backpack. My sewing job was horrible, but the duct tape fixed that. So don't worry about it.

You will probably have to flip the backpack around to sew it, so just remember which way is going to be up.

Also, you will stab yourself at least once doing this. If you are amazing enough not to, I congratulate you. I'm just proud that I never saw blood from any of my wounds.

Step 4: Duct Tape Over the Edges

Simply stick some duct tape on the edges of the pocket to help keep everything in place. Just make sure you can't see the duct tape from the front of the backpack.
I had to rip each piece in half lengthwise so you couldn't see it.

Step 5: You're Done!

Picture of You're Done!

Now enjoy not having to worry about your money when you leave your backpack sitting somewhere.

Also, if you have a backpack without a cd player pocket, there is another way of doing this.

Feel around your backpack for a double layered spot. There is usually one on the back, but that's not the best place for it. But if you have to, use it.
Just cut a hole in one of the layers, make the same pocket inside of it, and there you go.


JustinC170 (author)2016-06-12

my school had lockers but we werent allowed to use them and they were tie strapped so u culdnt open them i got a similar tie straps cut the thing that kept it close and put that so people think its closed and i would hide things there very useful

nuckthebuck (author)2010-06-18

the iner layers u were talking about bad idea cuz if put something in there at least put it in a baggy with string attached hanging out of hole 2 reasons one is heavy stuff such as pens pencils will fall away from hole on inside of bag never find again.... two is so if this happens you can pull it out think before you stick XD...

Cada Emerson (author)2010-02-07

I really like this idea, unfortunatly I'm a girl, and as of last year girls tend to like using shoulder bag type things (though some still use backpacks..I did this school year for a few months and went to a purse...then to a BIGger bag since my purse couldn't hold my 17.3 laptop. I think this idea would work well for a purse too (or a thick bag girls carry around)

Anyways, At least you people have lockers...I haven't had a locker, unless it was for PE 

!Andrew_Modder! (author)2007-09-13

cool, but this year i stoped using back packs (cause my locker is 8inches wide :-P) i couldnt fit 1 in there lol. and your high schools mascot is a tiger?? lol my hs is a tiger 2 :-P where do you live??

Do you live in Illinois?

Shoebob (author)Aar000n3y2007-09-15

ha! I live in illinois! and my HS is a tiger too

Aar000n3y (author)Shoebob2007-09-15

Which High School do you go to?

Shoebob (author)Aar000n3y2007-09-22

im up in Crystal Lake, how bout u?

Aar000n3y (author)Shoebob2007-09-22

Oh, you're up in the north. I'm farther down in the south.

doughnutguy1 (author)Aar000n3y2010-01-07

How far? i live very near the border between MO and Illinois in

Ah, no :-\ i live in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio :-) home of the black tigers !woot! lol also home of the really hot health teacher chick :-P ahah

Gonnser (author)!Andrew_Modder!2008-10-03

Hey you live in da state dat is round on de ends and hi in da middle!!! XD

mg0930mg (author)!Andrew_Modder!2008-09-05

your locker is 8 inches wide wow. Mine is only 3 in. :(

mettaurlover (author)mg0930mg2008-09-09


mg0930mg (author)mettaurlover2008-09-10

I don't :( I can't use lockers. So Sad...

klingonprins (author)mg0930mg2008-10-27

i feel ur pain, we got 5 across, 1ft tall, and 6 in deep, and we got more books than the library of congress

mg0930mg (author)klingonprins2008-10-27

Finally someone has the same lockers as ours. I have four binders, a math book, and a reading book, also a three subject notebook, so they barely fit in my backpack D:

regipalka (author)mg0930mg2009-01-17

my lockers 12'x5"

mg0930mg (author)regipalka2009-01-17

12 feet by 5 inches. LUCKY! mine's 1 foot by 3 in.

ak49er (author)mg0930mg2009-02-28

TOTALLY UNSATISFACTORY! can't even put a descent-sized submarine sandwich in there.....

mg0930mg (author)ak49er2009-02-28

Haha...yeah. I end up just carrying all my books. *sigh*

doughnutguy1 (author)mg0930mg2009-10-31

3 inches.  I feel sorry for you. mines only lik 6" x 1' or 1' x 6" or what ever. btw, the pic is very disturbing.

mg0930mg (author)doughnutguy12009-11-01

Now ours are like 4*3*1 ft total. :( Still too small, and can't even fit the books in there, anyway!

6 ft tall, 1 ft deep, 9 in wide. ours are relatively huge, but i can still barely fit my backpack in it if i try. it seems like the more books you hav ethe smaller you locker.

regipalka (author)mg0930mg2009-01-18

mixed up "and'

mg0930mg (author)regipalka2009-01-18

well, then you should have put 1 ft. by 5 inches.

regipalka (author)mg0930mg2009-01-19

no i meant 5 foot by 12 inches

mg0930mg (author)regipalka2009-02-28

which would be 5 foot by 1 foot...

Johnny2x4 (author)2007-11-07

Wow a freshman Class of 2011 well i am 09. But guess what my school stole a copyrighted logo/mascot ( Denver broncos) and then the San Diego CHARGERS name.

mg0930mg (author)Johnny2x42009-02-28

Broncos suck anyway, no one cares if your hs steals it. ;D

tipsychimp (author)2007-12-27

im gonna steal your money because i go to Urbana HS not really but i went there last year good job on your instructable

Darkshot (author)2007-09-22

COOOL!!!!! this will be perfect for me >:D cuz i um... *cough* need to hide some "stuff" your not allowed to have at school so this is gonna be a awsome project for me ima do it once my mom returns my backpack or whateva so i dont void the warranty :)

oinkoinkzoopals (author)2007-09-13

cool but my backpack is on me all the time so i dont have to worry

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