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This is my first post, but I wanted to take a moment for a little back story.  I am redecorating/remodeling an older home on basically no budget.  Most of what I am doing are short term fixes until the real demolition can begin.  SInce we all know that necessity is the mother of invention and ingenuity, I had a light bulb moment this morning while trying to justify shelling out $60-$100 for a pull out trash can to put in the cabinet, which I was going to have to do because I am tired of moving the trash can into another room because of my beloved " necessity".  SInce I decided to post this after I did it, there are only a few pics, but it's so simple that I am not sure why I took so long to think of it " DUH"

You will need 9 simple items to hide your trash can if you have a necessity ( mine is named Phoenix) or you just don't like to look at your trash.

1- small plactic trash can that will fit inside of your chosen cabinet with room to spare ( the office type work well)
3- wood screws 1- 1 1/2 in long ( you will want to measure the thickness of your cabinet door, keep it shorter)
3- metal washers  1 1/12 in diameter with center hole small enough that your chosen screw will not fall through
1- screwdriver ( type to match chosen screw) i used a racheting one for easier installation will have to fit in trash can
1- ice pick, awl or other sharp tool to punch hole through plactic of trash can

tlaparque1 year ago
Yes, I have a 'necessity' too, his name is Tank(eats like 1 too) I am currently making cabinet for trashcan(tilt or drawer slide, haven't decided yet) But your is WaY easier and just as effective! I, too, kept walking after seeing prices of stores pull-outs, especiallyknowing I had @least half doz drawer slides I salvaged from a busted dresser on curb one day. Those light bulb moments make our lives a little brighter...yet for a sec, make us feel a little dimmer(for not thinking of it sooner;)