The business card is considered an extension of yourself in Japan. It is treated with great respect. Meanwhile, in America, people often spend minutes combing through chunky wallets, purses, and binders for their business cards. It's time to ditch this fiddling around and streamline card handouts. 

This suave revolution requires just a few household objects and 5 spare minutes. 

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need:

1 suit jacket
1 pair of donor slacks (or a piece of smooth wool fabric)
1 paper clip
1 needle and black thread
1 piece of chalk
1 pair of scissors
1 sharpie
1 business card

You will also need a basic ability to sew. 
Nice work! <br>I think I might try this... Thanks for sharing :)
I have to say that as some type of professional I would be somewhat creeped out and not even remotely impressed if someone whipped out a business card from inside their jacket sleeve, especially if they were wearing a message t-shirt underneath said jacket.
Absolutely daccord. It is somehow creepy or strange unless you are a magician and you are promoting that. <br>It's dangerous to deal with a professional gambler ;-)
Oh man, if it was a magician, then I'd be disappointed that all I got was a lousy business card! I'd at least want a personalized rabbit, and it should probably materialize in my purse or something.
Once, when I had breeding rats, in order to deal with the new generations, I would go to Penny Lane coffee shop in Boulder, CO, and give the pups away. I probably gave away a hundred or so (some litters were 16 pups). Today, two decades later, I still get recognized as the &quot;rat man&quot; in Boulder. Therefore, if you want to be remembered, give rats - not cards. --- And keeping them up your sleeve would be a nice touch.
That sounds extremely awesome! It would be impossible to forget the guy who gave who gives out secret sleeve rats.
Well, as some type of professional myself, I think this is great! You don't have to draw your card with a flourish and a puff of smoke, but it's just so convenient. I wear jackets like this all the time and spend way too much time figuring out which pocket holds my cards.
As a Custom Tailor with 35+ years of experience the idea is a commendable starting point. One thing lacking is the finishing of the cloth edges to prevent additional fraying. Many high quality suits already have a small inside horizontal pocket on the left side just below the waist, dedicated for business cards or for a pack of cigarettes. As suggested, a quality tailor could easily perfect this so the pocket would be hidden beneath the sleeve lining &amp; cost about $10-15 or so. Also, using light weight lining material instead of the heavier wool would create less bulk. I agree with those who say it is similar to a magicians coat &amp; if worn in a gambling environment could be hazardous to the wearer.
This is funny, and so suave... I would LOVE for someone to pull out a card like that! The obvious cheese factor would make me remember the person attached to the card no doubt! Factor in a,&quot; memorable&quot; card,,maybe a crazy color, or something like that, and my points meter would explode! Good one!!!
I was hoping for a James West style mechanical arm that shoots out the card into your hand. (instead of a derringer). :)
I'd be more impressed if a spring-loaded card shot into your hand as you reach out to shake hands with someone :-)
I like it! I might have to get some business cards and a suit!
Okay, nice idea, but your implementation could use some work - your new pocket is just going to fray and fall off. You need to cut it large enough to fold the edges under the outside of the pocket so you have a nice neat edge. Also, did you sew all the way through the jacket sleeve or just the lining? Linings are usually pretty flimsy as proven by the condition of yours. But sewing all the way through the sleeve is unsightly.
For me it was pretty light so the sleeve wasn't affected. Using heavy cards or a lot of cards would probably weigh it down though.
Now that's smart! Going to do this eventually, just wonder if the sleeve doesn't get weighed down too much?
That's a nice idea! One I will try when I get time! <br> <br>I wonder if it would be possible to integrate the dispenser under the lining of the jacket, I mean between the lining and the outer cloth, so that it would be invisible? There is probably a top tailor out there who could do it. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing the idea!

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