Hidden Treasure





Introduction: Hidden Treasure

As a metal detector owner, it is fun hide important objects or treasure in places that others wouldn't expect to look. I buried a few jewelry specimens in a secret location.

When it is time to uncover my treasure, I simply turn on my metal detector in the general location. I gently sweep the metal detector in the area until I hear a magical beep. Then, I know I struck the gold!

Step 1: What Lies Beneath

After the metal detector has indicated that this may be my treasure, I grab a shovel and see what it is! Here in a small cardboard box, I hid 4 rings and WWII medal.



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Great idea, just make sure you hide it WAY WAY WAY out there with nothing of any signifigance anywhere near! As a fellow metal detector, I would be overjoyed to find a cache of rings in the ground!

do you have any YouTube videos of metal detecting, type in Jeremiah Martel in YouTube I got plenty of videos its such a fun hobby .

Metal detectors are cool.
I've found a few rings at beach and parks with mine.