Step 6: Assembling Veneers

This is the puzzle part of the challenge - allow some undivided time for this. Honestly, I was disappointed by how quickly I was done with this part. I would make a million of these.

Print out the pattern (especially for the top.)

Cut a piece of clear contact paper an inch or two larger than the veneer section.

Removing the backing. Tape it sticky side up on top of the pattern.

Start placing your veneer pieces, nice side down, on the pattern. Work from the center out. If you set them down lightly that will give you a lot of nudging room to get them exactly how you want them. Dont push the pieces too close together if you can avoided it because they expand just a bit temporarily when you glue them and this can prevent it the pieces from laying flat. When youre done lay the backing piece over it again and stick it around the edges to keep the veneer clean. Assemble them all. Stack them in a safe, flat, dry place.
This is beautiful done