Step 9: Lining

Print out the box lining panels on the scrapbooking paper (or transfer the measurements to the paper.) Glue pieces together with strips of paper if you need to.

Cut batting pieces a bit larger than the cardstock pieces.

Cut satin pieces a couple inches larger than the cardstock pieces.

Use a straight pin to put a hole in the center of each circle on the pattern.

Thread your needle, tie the two ends together with a substantial knot.

Stack the batting on top of the cardstock, the satin on top of that. Start at the center. Sew up through the hole you punched, through all of the layers, then back down through the layers and hole, leaving a very small stitch on the satin side. Pull it down to leave a depression on the satin side. Stitch up through a nearby hole and repeat. I spiral from the center out to keep the fabric even and smooth. Tie off your thread at the end (or part way through if you run out. Just re-thread and keep going.)

After all panels are sewn trim any extra batting down to the edges of the cardstock. Test fit the pieces in the box parts.

Trim down the satin to an even margin - about 1/2 past the edges of the cardstock. Leave the satin in what will be the corners of the box. Use the fabric glue to glue the fabric back over the edges of the cardboard. Allow to dry.