Step 3: Red to Red, White to.....Yellow?

Picture of Red to Red, White to.....Yellow?

The Standard USB colors are black, white, green, and red. The standard phone jack colors are black, yellow, green, and red. The similarity made it simple - match all the colors, and match the white and yellow.

Loosen four screws on the back of the phone jack. (1st pic)

Now take each of the four wires from the female USB, and tighten them to their respective screws. (2nd pic)

Insert your memory stick, and your done with the in-wall portion (3rd pic)

bmw2go114 years ago
You could have de-soldered the usb port off the flash drive, cut the 4 short cables existing on the phone jack and soldered them onto the remains of the drive.
That would cut out the need to buy a female usb cable, and transfer speeds would be a bit quicker.
ap19225 years ago
I have a phone cord with 4 wires but the colors are Red,Green,Yellow and Clear. Will it still work?
stonehenge360 (author)  ap19225 years ago
It definitely should, it sounds like my white wire is your clear wire. You could in theory match up any of the colors together. In the end, all you are trying to accomplish is that wire 1 coming from the computers USB port ultimately connects to connection 1 in the USB memory stick; same with wires and connections 2, 3, and 4. Basically all you are doing here is making a USB extension cable that happens to have a plug in it that you can disconnect (and it conveniently looks like a phone jack).