Step 5: Done!

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If, your memory stick has a LED on it like mine, I would suggest putting a piece of electrical tape over it so that it doesn't reveal your secrets. Attach the fake phone jack to the wall, and replace the face plate. If you used a phone box from Radioshack, simply attach it to an inconspicuous spot on the baseboard near your computer.

To access your secret plans, all you do is plug the USB end into your computer and the phone end into your fake phone jack. It should show up as a USB mass storage device.

Congratulations! your plans are now well hidden. Thank you for reading my Instructable; comments are appreciated as usual.

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sokka1 year ago
I did this with a 1TB USB powered external hard drive with an EXISTING phone jack in my house. They guy who built it put in phone jacks with 4 jacks in each plate (and there is plenty of space below the plates to mount a disk drive). Only one of them in each room works, leaving 3 to play with. One of the jacks goes to power the drive and one is for data transfer, and I have one more for whatever purpose I want! Time to put a powered speaker into my brother's room with preexisting wiring!
Grey_Wolfe1 year ago
I enjoyed the whole 'secret plans' spy theme to your Ible. Also, generally an excellent idea.

But the first thing I thought when you said that one would need to hide those files from the FBI was that the FBI would probably open your phone jacks to plant bugs and find your secrets by accident.

Either way, great Ible, and you made me smile. :D
okiebookie2 years ago
Good idea. But the USB/phone patch cable needs to be hidden. A searcher would surely start plugging it in to all phone jacks or look for dead phone jacks.
Derpancakes2 years ago
The simplicity is genius.
Lucky7x72 years ago
Great idea.
wicked idea.
mjzmjz5 years ago
really good idea, 1 question, can I put the usb drive in a live phone plate? Can I use the phone on that line, then unplug the phone, then use the usb drive?
If you put the flashdrive along with the live phone box the power that the live phone connection has could damage the drive
cparida mjzmjz4 years ago
are u mad?
This would work with an RJ-45 (8 wire) connection. You setup the phone on the blue pair of the jack and the USB on any of the four wires.
Tithen mjzmjz5 years ago
you could drill a small hole then feed the wires for the usb through and wrap them around your phone cable and maybe put a bit of tape around it and connect the wires to a usb male. kinda like when you have a wireless keyboard, the wires are kinda joined but split up at the end for the ps2. does that makes sense idk how to explain it.
This is an absolutely brilliant way to hide stuff. Really good idea!
BakaTanuki4 years ago
Well I tried it, and can not get it to work. This is my second wiring job, and these tiny wires are a bit fragile. I think my wiring is just too messy, with little broken bits.
I love how I was reading on how to make a dead drop right before this :P This gave me the idea for new capabilties of dead drops... world domination just got one step closer :'D
nickboy984 years ago
GOOD WORK!!! that is the smartest thing i have seen in ages
lombax9894 years ago
This is so cool it hurts!
aly19955 years ago
TXTCLA555 years ago
LOL you cant see it at all! just the whole freaking box is exposed! :P have you considered putting more drywall over it yet? :P just kidding looks great 5 stars!
comkid77975 years ago
smmiller5066 years ago
If you have an older computer with a phone jack, and you really wanted it to look good, you could make a cable that goes from a USB header on the motherboard to the phone jack on the inside of the computer. You'd have to unsolder the jack from the board, but there would be nothing obvious on the outside. Then, use a regular 6 foot long phone patch cord from the computer jack to the wall. Thoughts?
Great Idea!
tdwright6 years ago
Y'know what this really makes me want to try next? It'd be awesome to use an old PCI 28.8kbps modem card and change it into a corresponding phone-jack->USB converter. That way the USB connection would look like a phone jack at both ends. Note that I'm not saying you could use the circuitry of the modem, but rather that you'd ignore all the modemy stuff and reroute the connections to some sort of internal USB port. Anyone up for a go?
Tofu tdwright6 years ago
I had the exact same thought! I mean when the cops come to your house and confiscate your PC at least you wouldn't have a suspicious looking USB-to--phone jack connection to the wall. By the time they figure out the modem is a fake the portable drive is safely removed from the wall. :D
If you check my profile, you'll realize that you've just dropped a BIG thing :)
better yet why not use a motherboard header and run the wires from that to the modem no usb cord. A cop will never get it. run your cat-3 cable from the modem to the wall plate and bam you have it completely hidden.
That's a brilliant idea. It should be pretty easy to break off the circuit board and just connect the female RJ11 Jack on the bracket to an internal USB port. It could probably use a normal phone cord so there's no strange wire to explain (or lose). But I just use TrueCrypt on a small partition of the HDD to hide my stuff...
I have a hundred USB modems, I tried and gutted it and it works rather well, except some only have 2 wires for connections to the phone line.
This is a super idea. What about using a USB modem so you could use your laptop with it as well? I don't know how hard they are to come by these days but there are ones that are just a dongle with no required power adapter and ones that have the same form factor as the old serial-style modems. I'd take a stab at it but won't be able to until the beginning of Nov.
What you could do is break all the traces for the PCI connector, and simply solder wires to the traces for the RJ11 jack, and have a USB header connector on the other end. Keep in mind that it has to be a higher quality modem with four pins, not two.
If instead of just making a USB/RJ11 cable you could connect a female USB port and a phone jack and put it in a plastic box that looks like a DC adaptor and then you can just use 2 separate cables and it will look more normal.
great idea! great place to hide your pr0nz from computer savvy parents.
btw, your "secret plans" are 0 kilobytes.
cool & awesome \8-)
DeadRinger6 years ago
or you could just hide a usb stick inside an empty phone jack, and pull it out when you wanna use it.
booo that takes all the fun out of it ;)
ive got a ups from apc and it comes with a phone to usb cord for checking the power levels im thinking i could just use that cord when i need to its a 2 inch move from the ups to the fake wall outlet
bloke20226 years ago
oooo those files look interesting! Are they real?
Chadworkz6 years ago
I use that EXACT Zippo and that EXACT Jump-Drive...too cool (weird?)!
Chadworkz6 years ago
Oh, and nice dealio...
ryboodle6 years ago
you could use a wireless homephone transmitter and just use the power from the phone lines and wire the receiver to the male en you never used and the receiver would use usb power and they would both have transmitters and recievers so you could wirelessly store and acsess your secret plans
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