Picture of Hidden Windows XP and Vista Folders
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Many locked, private or hidden folders in Windows XP can simply be browsed or 'unlocked' and 'unhidden' by the same switches in Windows Explorer you'd used to enable the same features.

But what if I make it "invisible' or "transparent" then even if found it looks just like the background!

Try this trick on most any OS. Note this is not foolproof but along with locked, hidden and passworded/encrypted folders is very helpful and very safe from command line browsing as the directory/folder names are not "typeable" with any US keyboards...

Vista works similarly but seems to leave behind a "ghost" image?...hum...?


On the note of security don't collaborate with people you don't know about, ok? I can remove this from the face of the internet but it won't do me much good. ~llama13

'Security sux that's the point. Dude collaborate...not deface...add some value and post some results or do some test. YOU JOINED the GROUP so you get to see what I contributed to the site ...noobs... what did you post? 'ERCK

Step 1: Overview - OS versions & Variations

Picture of Overview - OS versions & Variations
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Variations I've found-

Windows XP - no Media or Language support - Use ASCII codes in the name field with "num lk" keypad then 'alt'+0160 in the Name field from the Properties tab "New Folder".

Windows Media Center - varies see above or below

Windows Language support - use "right click" and insert Unicode in the 'New Folder' clear text from name field under the Properties tab.

Vista - has similar variations between ASCII, UniCodes and language options that vary by install and country of origin.

see below...read on for examples, screen shots & limitations.
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knight215 years ago
i have vista home premium installed in my laptop bt i m tryin alt+0160 bt nthin is happenin!!!!!! pls help me out
erckgillis (author)  knight215 years ago
Check your language options
ok i did this just to try it and it worked but now i cant delete it please help
erckgillis (author)  hacker-by-nite5 years ago
right click and select delete on folder or file "ghost" image
erikals6 years ago
Really cool instructable, I like it
rich31026 years ago
Nice article, and ghost folder trick :) I Just use Folder Vault http://www.gearboxcomputers.com. Select a folder or file, it hides it completely. Then the program can completely hide it self via stealth mode. It will also clear history when it closes. Very quick and simply, no fuss with the old ghost folder trick.
Is Folder Vault freeware?
The text was being invisible
erckgillis (author)  THE_GEEK20078 years ago
<font color="white">Making the text color white</font>
HTML does not work.But I wish it did.
Trogador7 years ago
Is there any way to do this without a number keypad? My stupid laptop doesn't have one; it just has the long bar of numbers at the top...
Derin Trogador6 years ago
I think some keys on laptop keyboards double as the numpad,as is the case with the HP Pavillion my mom has.Check for small numbers on the letters.
Derin6 years ago
  Wth.....alt+0160 is a space...
vaiden8 years ago
This is nice. There is another way to hide data on NTFS partitions. You use Alternate data streams to fully hide the data, which can only be viewed with an ads aware application. To hide data such as text, or jpegs, or mp3's you use this command format. Run CMD at the run prompt. Then switch to the directory where the file you want to hide is located. Now type this without the quotes and substituting your filename. " type yourfile.bla > blahblah.txt:yourfile.bla" Only the txt file will show up and it can be ran or whatever but will not give away your ads file. If it is moved away from an NTFS partition the hidden file will be lost. This is for long term storage of your data, because it takes awhile to do. To get the file back just type this without the quotes and substituting your filename. " more < blahblah.txt:yourfile.bla > yourvisiblefile.bla " To hide exe files youll need a tool called cat.exe that is a Unix file, but is available as a win32 port somewhere, google it.
erckgillis (author)  vaiden8 years ago
Excellent! I like to hid data & files in these 'invisable' folders with enccrypted JPEG's. People are suckers for a pretty picture, flowers, puppies, bikini's etc... Data can be hidden inside JPEG uptp many megabytes of text, exe or others... See te free cryptobola.com Here is a pretty picture...it has my COMPLETE inventory and prices for my Amazon store, cost, sales, profits etc...safe from you guys, posted here freely, but safe and secure! E
C:\Documents and Settings\gillisgi\My Documents\My Pictures\Adobe\Digital Camera Photos\2007-07-10-1314-01\SL030292edited.JPG
why not use the cmd command like the copy /c is it? Which you copy a zip to the picture. Still if it passes 2mb then a person could suspect that something is wrong with that picture.
cheboncruz6 years ago
Not secure. If you sort it then you will be able to identify the invisible folder tried it already. Why not put your folder in somewhere sneakier places. Like.... Windows folder or System32 folders or Local settings, inside application folders in program files or encrypt using truecrypt.
shiwam6 years ago
i will try..................
trebuchet038 years ago
Just remember never to depend on user ignorance as a form of security ;) Doing so is kinda like hiding your house key under your door mat -- the people you're not concerned with won't care to look.... but those "other" people...
erckgillis (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
Every form of security relies on some level of ignorance, just not how you see it usually. If I'm "smarter" than you any level of security is in jeapordy. Go ahead, encrypt you network...I can aircrack WEP. Password or delete files, we know those are recoverable. Personal Security. Sure lock your doors and car, you can make keys...if you know how. Any security on your Bank account? I can't get your account #, PIN or social security myself....but others have and it does and will happen....no matter how secure.. Sometimes the easiest is the least likey suspected never obvious and if you can't even suspect the technique no level of sophisicated tools or utilities will help you. This is just a fun hack...
Dang it, stop it with the internet tough guy. No one cares that you can "hax into their computers"
Generally, depending on ignorance is viewed as poor security. The best systems have open source algorythms, so everyone can see how they work, and yet without the key / hash / seed they're only crackable to brute force (or reversing the algorythm, which most of the time will take longer than brute force).
Cameronk8 years ago
this is awesome lol i'm using to hide my stuff from my brother =)
erckgillis (author)  Cameronk8 years ago
Dude, hide Gxy Pxxn stuff in HIS folders....hehe
rofl i did that with my bro it turns out he found it told my parents and they thought I was gxy....i am strate like a pencil though
CRAP!!!!! IT wont DELETE help please
Feletoch7 years ago
lol there's much easier way to hide, instead of making the icon invisible, change it into a dll icon, rename it Whatever Dll name you like.dll, click hidden, then change your folder option to show hidden folder. and finally put it in system32. if you think that is not enough. just add more Dll and invisible folder in it.
Trogador7 years ago
Never mind; I found that great picture where you can "customize" and make it blank! Then I just shoved it to the bottom, and voila! Thank you so much!
killer wj7 years ago
I made my file name ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and arranged the folders by name so nobody could find my folder.
A.C.E.8 years ago
so, what exactly do you need to type in the box that is for the name that says new folder?
  • i have a laptop.
  • i dont get the"
Windows XP - no Media or Language support - Use ASCII codes in the name field with "num lk" keypad then 'alt'+0160 in the Name field from the Properties tab "New Folder".
" if you could tell me what exactly this means, i dont have unicode.
erckgillis (author)  A.C.E.8 years ago
OK type alt+0160 into the "Name" field. but on a laptop or desktop keyboard you MUST use the numeric keypad. On a laptop you MUST click (NumLk) then use the left alt key, old down and press the KEYPAD "+" and then the 0160 on the KEYPAD ONLY. Press KEYPAD Enter... Save, OK and test...! E
ll.138 years ago
Uh, oh, collaborators aren't invisible.
dasarp8 years ago
Try this instructable on getting Windows Passwords:
erckgillis (author)  dasarp8 years ago
ooops....a typo? or can't cut and paste?

perhaps an instructable on <ctrl>-c and <ctrl>-v

If I have your password I still cannot 'find' your hidden files. ANY COMPUTER you can get to the 'console' can be easily hacked, boot in single-user mode on UNIX or use D: recovery partitions on a PC/Laptop...

Protect you physical machine even better than your web, network or virtual ID's.


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mitxela8 years ago
Hmm... an interesting idea, I must say. Would probably fool most novice computer users. It makes itself pretty obvious if you change view, say to 'details' and/or disable thumbnail caching. But on the whole a pretty nice idea, you could have an invisible icon on the corner of your desktop.
erckgillis (author)  mitxela8 years ago
..yeah I show some examples...but if you do not know to look how would you know to change a view?...also If I have a normal folder called "ERCK" and and it is empty of any files, is there still a missing icon or folder? Would you look in three empty folders? changing views? When nothing is thier or I name them "New Folder"...hum? You'd have to change the view for every subdirectory and scan for a blank visually, the search command will not help as our file does not have a "Name" you can see as it is just non printing characters. We just need to work on the rest of the clues to make a truely 'hidden' folder like Vegas says on the Mac's and UNIX/Linux. Can you lock a view or all sub directories? hum? How deep can you place a directory? Any limits. What about a shell game ...I give you three blank folders, four levels deep or more ...can you look in them all efficiently? Chaning views How hard is it? IS a empty folder harder to pick out the hidden file? ideas here? I give you a VMWare image of a XP system with a single hidden file...you can find it by scanning folders and chinging views or using search etc? good luck....it's a GUI and visually driven, your commands to 'unhide' or search/find are not useful here. ideas?
Well, for someone like me, I've disabled thumbnail caching and the remembering of directory views anyway. And either way, the name of the file isn't its biggest give-away usually, most of the time, that's too obvious.

For instance, if you find a folder that looks empty, but has a substantial file size, it's a bit of a giveaway.

And as was said, once the secret's been revealed, it's not much of a security thing anymore.

I think the Zip - Ace - Rar technique is pretty good. Although you have the obscurity, you also have the tripple encryption, so it's a nice balance.
XP_it_is8 years ago
hi my Win Xp system was hit by a malware and now even when i chose " show hidden folders" options, my hidden folders do not appear, however the status bar does show i have 3 hidden folders..pls advice.Cheers!
erckgillis (author)  XP_it_is8 years ago
Advice ....Yes, post your issue on wiki.answers.com, I address 100's of issues there where comments and feedback are dynamicly self correcting... E
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