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Introduction: Hidden Blade Concept

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Disclaimer: I apologise for the beautiful title image, its not my concept, mine is ugly and sketchy, run away while you can :D

It seems everyone is making hidden blades that just slide out, or blades which retract on impact...

I think spring loaded ones like those in assassin's creed 2 are cooler.

Sadly, I do not have the materials or skills (maybe) to make a functional one, but I'm sure many of you can easily think up a way to make one and have the skills to bring it to life...

This is what I would do if I had to make a hidden blade.
I want to, but nope, suck at metalwork...

Please play along and check out how my idea goes, I think it's feasible although the one in assassin's creed 2 is probably way more complex.

Hoping someone makes a functional one, cos its cool to know that something like that exists.

Step 1: Explaining My Lousy Concept: Initial Lock

-The blade will rest on a rail inside a suitable container.
-It will be spring loaded and held in place with a latch (the spring type) which can be released by pulling a string, maybe attached to assassin's ring finger?

-Brown square is handle which is used to cock the blade back into place, assume that container has a slit along which handle slides when blade is sprung.

-Hole is for holding blade in place in secondary lock stage.

Step 2: Explaining My Lousy Concept: Secondary Lock

This is the side view and front of the "thing"

-There is a bolt which slides into the hole in the blade as it springs out from the initial lock position.
-Bolt is spring loaded too
-Supposed to hold the blade in place while stabbing?

-Bolt can be easily pushed back down and handle pulled back to return blade to the initial lock position. For the stealthy assassin to remain inconspicuous -___-

Hope my explanation makes up for the lousy pics.
Come on people I wanna see a fully functional hidden blade, why aren't the pros making these things, probably cos they don't play games XD

[Note]: Had a new idea about the bolt... Read On! :D

Step 3: Explaining My Lousy Concept: a Less Crappy Bolt

I was thinking, an assassin wouldn't have the time to stick his finger in and push the bolt back -.-
So I think this might be a better idea.

-The bolt resists the blade from sliding back in on impact, as seen in the picture.
-When the blade is to be retracted, the assassin turns the bolt 180degrees and pulls the handle back...

-With the shape of the bolt, it should slide back down by itself when the handle is pulled back (Probably)



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    Well, the removal of the finger was only symbolic, representing the sacrifice the blade demands, but I like how you think.

    designing and building a blade that deploys, locks, retracts and locks again with a string attached utilizing an otf style "switchblade" mechanism would be fairly simple with the proper materials and skills and i'm sure already has. i will design one as soon as i can stumble upon the epiphany of how to operate the weapon as done in the game:
    - opening without ring and string operation
    - blade hand/arm only for operation
    - opening with enough force to penetrate a body
    - allowing running, climbing and any other rigorous activities or hand movements without opening
    -locks into stable position for true thrust and penetrating power
    - hopefully non-electrical although that concept, in my mind holds the most potential
    any concepts for an operating mechanism to engage/disengage the blade that would follow the mentioned standards would be great to hear.

    since you have it spring loaded, why not weight the blade, so that it can spring open, then to close it pull the string and jerk your arm down and the blade will come down, and the momentum should be suitable enough to push the spring back.

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    that makes a lot of sense, but how do you get it back in? also if this where real, how ywould the blade go into someone, if it where weighted it would slide back into the holder

    i think you could make it so it automatically lock into place when it is deployed, or have a knob that'll allow you to retract it manually with your other hand, cuz quite frankly, lest you're switching from the hidden blade to ur sword mid-combat, you won't need to worry about using your other hand sheathing the blade.... and another thing..you might wanna have a way of easily disengaging the mechanism, kinda like having a safety switch on a firearm, that doesn't involve you taking the ring off of your finger, which might accidentally trigger the blade and cause unnecessary injury... and that's the last thing an assassin needs, am i right? lol

    it works as a light saber type thing like a flat one though and when it is pulled out the locking mechanism will kick in until you add force you did a very good job of explaining and what most people do is go off num 1. it has a very clear idea of how to make it.

    sorry your mechanism is ok but not nearly as functional as the real blade and there are people on youtube that make better versions not saying yours is bad but there is better

    if the slide handle is on the underside of the blade and the bolt is on the other how would you reach it?

    I have some ideas for a clockwork mechanism for extending the blade and then retracting, I also just wanted to add to your idea of locking the blade, a pen would make a prime example, the ones that lock and require a second trigger/button to release it using a spring, maybe a sturdier version would work?

    Hope you know what I am talking about xD and hope this helps

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    if your skilled enough to do a clockwork mechanism just use an otf switchblade mechanism. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XMpIJ5AspU

    someone has finally been able to make one and has an video
    if someone want to figure out a way so that it doesnt pop out automatically it would be just like the one in the game

    You should post this on SINZA-Exotic Automatic Weapon Design.

    (corny joke)
    man wearing spring knife: hello can I shake your hand?
    Inasant bystander: sure
    Man wearing spring knife: skadoosh!
    Inasant bystander: arrrrrrrghhhh theres a knife in my hand!
    Man wearing sponge knife: mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Me made one dem knife fings me post pics soon!

    Well have you considered the "blinds" technology. I mean the one where you strech the rope and the blind goes down and then again if you want it to go up you just strech the rope again until it clicks or whatever.. but then again you'll just have to be carefull not to strech the finger where the rope is going to be.. hope it helped..

     you need 2 triggers for the blade....a button that you push with the back of your hand on the brace and a ring on your pinky to pull it back in...you need 2 springs and two locks to have it work also...and a clock spring for the coil of the cogs....its pretty simple actually....you just need the materials to make it....which i don't have :(

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    I like your idea, please draw a picture or something and i will see if i can get it done, i have the materials and id like to work with you, jake34569@gmail.com, email me the pic, thanks a ton

    since the bolt has to be twisted maybe u can attach a string to the tiny handle so when the user has to rotate the bolt so it can retract it will be done with a pull of the string...nice concept by the way