Step 2: Tools!

vice grip (Mines a craftsman! *Hint hint cough cough* vote * cough*
drill and drill bits
welder (very much so needed)
needle nose pliers
Patients and lots of it!
Totally dangerous and inappropriate! I LOVE IT! Good to see a little danger, looking forward to seeing it with a real blade, just watch your fingers, palm or any other body part that gets in the way
Yea the blade i bought it actually unlike that in the game, its a tia chi, collapsible blade, its total length will be about 3 feet ( Rather than the 18 inches in the game)<br><br>Th way i designed it is that your whole hand has to be flung out of the way in order to trigger the switches (On of the safety features) So unless (like in fine tuning OUCH!) it mis-fires your good to go =)<br><br>Vote for it if you like it though! dremel/epilog/kinetic =)))
is the way you mount the front half of the dowels the exact same as the way you attach the back half?? and can you post more pictures of that part of the process? <br>
all ready voted!
Very much so appreciated!
This part confuses me. Could you be more explanatory?
Aye, i figured this would b the trickiest part, the reloader is a larger spring that pulls the sled back into firing position, they reason its a spring is so i have a full range of movement, but, when i pull my arm out and flip the switches, it release the sled and the spring can pull the sled back, its an elaborate design and optional, fi you plan on building one
I do plan on building one, but I don't under stand how you build this part. And I can't really tell whats in the pictures. Please help
Google &quot;KipKay&quot; and you will see this is an almost identical copy of the REAL inventor's idea, which is posted on numerous websites, including facebook, youtube, and his own website.
yeap i follow kip kay alot, hes pretty awsome, His &quot;Quick draw gadget&quot; as h calls it, is pretty cool, but, i found it lacking, as it has no blade haha! its nto sprin loaded, and theres no auto return like mine, and, th am never mentiosn how theres is made expect a refercne to pullies, which, whn the blad arives min will use too =)<br><br>The real inventor is not know, Xipjoids have ben used alot but no one is sure who cam up with the original idea, assassins creed made it much more popular and a house hold name (Hidden blade) but, these weapons are still shrouded in alto fo mystery
Perfect for an Assassin's Creed costume.
Bringing it to com-i-con, Im going to have to us a blank blade for it though =(<br><br>Vote for it if you like it though! dremel/epilog/kinetic =))))
switch it with a foam core replica blade (if you can) for com-i-con active use in the crowds
Haha iv heard that before, It would be so much fun running around &quot;Killing&quot; people with a foam blade lol. As it turns out th, the blade is nto evry sharp, and its com-i-con abident!
Thanks =))) appreciate it<br><br>Vote for it if you like it though! dremel/epilog/kinetic =))))
Your welcome!

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