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In this instructable i am going to show you how to hide a flash drive in an expo marker

Step 1: Materials

expo or other simalar sized marker

flash drive


pen or dowel rod

Step 2: Open Expo

you need to take the pliers and squeese the end of the marker that the cap goes in

then take out the cartrige and let the tip dry out completly and cleen out the inside

Step 3: Add Flashdrive

push the flashdrive with the information into the tube and put the back on and push it in

Step 4: Finished Product


AlanH10 made it! (author)2016-05-21

I already made one of these, thought I would look at how other people did it and came across this, you also need to adjust the tip like I did. Cut off the drawing part (wire cutter will do fine) and then cut a hole the size of a usb in the tip, I just melted it with a hot usb (this method allows for it to be much finer and have no holes) along with melting the cap so as to allow it to fit on. I added a picture of one of my first models for referance

werefox917 (author)AlanH102016-06-03

Thanks I would have never thought I that

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