Hidden Powers of the "Windows" Key on Your Keyboard. 8 Situations Where It Can Help You (+video Inside)





Introduction: Hidden Powers of the "Windows" Key on Your Keyboard. 8 Situations Where It Can Help You (+video Inside)

Here's how you can give an extra boost to your productivity with some really unknown shortcuts.
I found on different websites, various uses of the largely ignored
"Windows" key on our keyboard. Turned out there are quite some
useful shortcuts this key can offer.

I made a list of them and then decided to select the most useful and put them in a video. So, there you have it.
Hope you find it useful.

Spread the word, send this video to other friends and ask them
if they knew these shorcuts. Actually, I had no idea about them until 2 days ago after I discovered a blog post about this key and started to do some research about them.

It's quite a productivity booster, if you ask me.

So, start using them and tell me how you feel about it.

Step 1: The List of the Commands

Here's the list of the commands shown in the video:
(for the users with narrow bandwidth/dialup)

Press "Win key" : Opens Start Menu

Press "Win key+ E": Opens up Windows Explorer

Press "Win key+ R": Opens the Run command.

Press "Win key+ F": Opens up the Search Files window

Press "Win key+ D": Shows the Desktop

Press "Win key+ D" again: Brings up all the windows back

Press "Win key+ M": Minimizes all open windows

Press "Win key+ F1": Brings up the Help Menu

Press "Win key+ Pause/Break": Shows the System Properties box




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    Wow. Being using Windows for over a decade now and this is really new to me. It's weird that all those OS-tips I have seen had never "revealed" these simple commands, thank you very much.

    Is there a Windows combo that will give me back 2:03 minutes of my life back?

    pres windows logo, then follow this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation

    win key + l swtiches users

    Yes, you are correct. On a computer with Fast User Switching enabled (such as a home computer) Win Key + L would switch out your user and return to the home screen. On a computer with Fast User Switching disabled (such as a school computer) Win Key + L would lock your computer. Hope that helps a bit

    win key + any of the numbers opens up the corresponding quicklaunch icon ie. the person who wrote that win key + 3 opens IE has that as their 3rd quick launch icon.... my 3rd one happens to be my documents and that is what is opened when I press win key + 3.

    cool ill try it now

    Win + L locks PC. Just found out.