Step 5: Enjoy!

This brifcase is not really helpful in true airsoft battles due to the lack of accuracy, but is still fun to have around for movies or short range missions.  Since it is abriefcase, you can also store important spy gear in it.  This is a fun prop and airsoft gun, but please be careful what you aim it at.

Check it out here:


Did you know the CIA actually made a breifcase gun? I learned it off of deadliest warrior. But still, great build!
Hey Quinn, i was looking at the instructable, and i cant see anyway for you to cock the gun after you fire it w/out opening the case. Care to explain?
Well we designed this briefcase to be more of a one shot wonder, since it isn't really meant for accuracy. In order to cock the gun you do indeed need to take the gun out and strap it in again. this is also because we wanted to minimize the complexity of the design. However, you could easily replace a spring pistol with a co2 semi auto pistol, and then you could fire multiple shots.
<iframe frameborder="0" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/qqkudS3CFaM" width="560"></iframe>
Thanks for embedding that, it wouldn't embed into the instructable for some reason.
your welcome

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