Picture of Hidden storage in plain sight!

I wanted to create a secret stash place for our passports, etc. that can be readily accessible yet hidden at the same time. I've seen secret stash compartments in books, electronics, and various other places that seem all too common. I wanted to create a place where a thief wouldn't look consider looking first. Our Amish coffee table seemed to fit the spot I had in mind. I'm disappointed that the cabinet magnets I bought aren't strong enough to hold up the compartment. A simple nail in a hole holds the pocket up and out of sight.

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

First, I cannot stress how important a decent pair of safety glasses are. Getting something in your eye while pushing a board through a table saw is just asking to lose a finger or two. Please get a pair and use them!

Having said this, I also purchased a pair of hinges and magnetic cabinet latches. The magnetic latches aren't needed. More about them later. The hinges set me back about $3.

The 4'x4' piece of 1/4" press board didn't fit into my woman's Hyundai trunk without breaking off a section first. I knew I should have brought the minivan! No matter, I used the broken section anyway. About $5 for the wood.

Other things I used I had on hand:

Table saw, wood glue, a drill, weights, clamps, screwdriver, tape measure, pencils, and wood scraps. Did I mention safety glasses?

Step 2: Measure twice, cut once, and add a lot of glue

Picture of Measure twice, cut once, and add a lot of glue

After measuring the opening inside the table, I cut the wood to fit and give clearance to the (useless) magnetic latches. As the wood was so incredibly flimsy, I doubled the thickness and glued the sections together. 4 hours under the weight of ,...weights.. I was ready to proceed to the next step.

koroshiya17756 months ago

Good idea! Use a peice of scrap steel or a steel screw and neodymium magnets x3 ;1/2"x1" should do.

deadsystem6 months ago

good use of existing things and upgrading them. i like the idea and just might use it

Wheeltrax10 months ago
nice idea! would strong magnets work to hold it up and in place?
crkrjak2001 (author)  Wheeltrax10 months ago

I was looking for strong earth magnets. If I ever run across some big ones, then yes they will work. They are a bit pricy though. The ones at the local hardware shop are not made to hold up wood against gravity.

If you want really strong magnets for free, find an old microwave that someone has thrown out. They have good magnets inside them. They would definitely hold that thing up. Also Home Depot or Lowes will cut plywood that you buy there with a panel saw if you ask them.

Nice work. I've been wanting to do something like this I just have the wrong kind of table for it at the moment. Hard Drives have very strong magnets in them that could easily suspend that panel if placed properly. If you or a friend have a old junk HDD laying around, problem solved, and for free!

kbc211 months ago
nicely done, by the way.
crkrjak2001 (author)  kbc210 months ago

Thanks. I like to add my failures to my indestructables so others can see and learn from my mistakes without going through the same pains of frustration I get.

stateit11 months ago
Great Instructable.

...Now then, what's your address?
crkrjak2001 (author)  stateit10 months ago

123 Any Street. Maintown, USA. Yours? ;-)

neo7166510 months ago
Thanks now I gotta find a different spot to hide the guns under my tables.
crkrjak2001 (author)  neo7166510 months ago

I was going to say something about it not working under a glass table to begin with. ;-)

kbc211 months ago
I was thing about something like that. having worked in a wood case shop and making hidden panels in cases, a simple latch just inside that finger hole would work. will do my version ( when the other-half ain't home, she would flip out modifying her entertainment center) and do a I'ble.
crkrjak2001 (author)  kbc210 months ago

I'd like to see the latch you're talking about, as a nail is just a quick-n-dirty fix. I almost didn't post this as I see this as incomplete.