Hidden Storage Compartment in Your Phone!





Introduction: Hidden Storage Compartment in Your Phone!

Well, one day i was incredibly bored, so i thought I'd open the back of my phone and clean it, and while doing so, (don't ask me what made me think of it) I cut out a bit of paper and placed it behind the battery, so i can store passwords, or other things on there that i only know how to access.

Step 1: Materials Needed.

To use this secret paper hider, or whatever you want to call it you will need:

1x Mobile phone (With recoverable backing and battery)
1x Sheet of paper
1x Scissors
1x Pen

PS. Sorry for the flash on this photo, i had it turned on and i can't be bother re-taking it.

Step 2: Making Your Paper to Hide.

Firstly, you need to cut a shape out of your paper, one that will be able to be folded and placed into the back of your phone. I've gone with the simple square.

Next, you need to write your information onto the paper. So i have just made up a MSN password by writing:
MSN= pass123

So after this is done, your ready to progress to the next step!

Step 3: Hiding the Paper.

Now, we have to hide the paper.
First, remove the backing and battery from the phone, and fold your piece of paper a few times so it fits into the given area.

All thats left to do now is re-assemble the battery and backing and viola!

Step 4: Your Done!

Now you have finished, so i hope you never forget passwords or things like that again!



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    The only problem is that you can't do this for an iPhone, but then you could put it behind the case

    Okay Maybe I am way out there but your passwords should be a little easier to remember. Just cause you can remember it doesn't mean that it is obvious or a weak pass word.......

    haha thanks i keep a 50 dollar bill behing my battery lol

    Those batteries can get awful hot. Hot + paper = fire

    If I did feel the need to put paper back there, I would use parchment paper. It's used in baking, so it can handle some heat.

    common writing paper burns at 800 Celcius, you won't be able to hold the phone wayyyyy before the paper ignites... :)

    or will it....hmmm.....?

    hmmm... good point.... :)

    People! It's just an idea! You don't like it, don't use it.

    Um... Isn't that constructive criticism?

    Actually, the Motorola RAZR ones don't get too hot, I have one, it's been on for the last... 5 months-ish, and is ice cold.