Picture of Hidden storage compartment in your phone!
Well, one day i was incredibly bored, so i thought I'd open the back of my phone and clean it, and while doing so, (don't ask me what made me think of it) I cut out a bit of paper and placed it behind the battery, so i can store passwords, or other things on there that i only know how to access.

Step 1: Materials needed.

Picture of Materials needed.
To use this secret paper hider, or whatever you want to call it you will need:

1x Mobile phone (With recoverable backing and battery)
1x Sheet of paper
1x Scissors
1x Pen

PS. Sorry for the flash on this photo, i had it turned on and i can't be bother re-taking it.
Colonel Hogan8 months ago
The only problem is that you can't do this for an iPhone, but then you could put it behind the case
cairparavel4 years ago
Okay Maybe I am way out there but your passwords should be a little easier to remember. Just cause you can remember it doesn't mean that it is obvious or a weak pass word.......
Falleneagle6 years ago
haha thanks i keep a 50 dollar bill behing my battery lol
SuperChuck7 years ago
Those batteries can get awful hot. Hot + paper = fire

If I did feel the need to put paper back there, I would use parchment paper. It's used in baking, so it can handle some heat.
common writing paper burns at 800 Celcius, you won't be able to hold the phone wayyyyy before the paper ignites... :)
or will it....hmmm.....?
hmmm... good point.... :)
People! It's just an idea! You don't like it, don't use it.
Um... Isn't that constructive criticism?
Actually, the Motorola RAZR ones don't get too hot, I have one, it's been on for the last... 5 months-ish, and is ice cold.
you must not use ur fone very much they get a lil warm
Though admittadly it would be funny if it caught fire in your pocket...
I do not think it would be so funny if it was your own pocket it caught fire in. Your pants would flame as well!
lithium batteries on fire wouldn't be fun in your pocket. I highly doubt that the paper would get near hot enough to combust.
I beg to differ, I think it would be a hoot.
daviddd (author)  Modernbenoni7 years ago
Yeah, the RAZR battery's, well I'm not sure about everyone else's, but my one never gets hot. It can be on for days straight and still be cold.
jacob56806 years ago
you could just put something random to confuze somebody trying to get in like 46-41-81-34-87-45 54-34-96-74-23-97-84-61
or you COULD use this to store a password by doing somehting like this...
lets say you wrote 46-41-34-87-

so, 4+6 =10 4+1=5 3+4=7 8+7=15
which is 10-5-7-15
then 10-5=5 + 7-15= -8
5 -8 = -3
now that you have -3 left over, you take that and put it to the number of the power of the amount numbers origional number. in this case 8 ( and ignore the fact that its a negative interger )
so 3 to the 8th is 6561
this system is impracticle, but if you memorize this ( harder than the pass =) you can use it for making passwords and figuring em ) i use this method for making passwords. that is, if I'm really REALLY bored.
klee27x7 years ago
What happens when your phone gets stolen or falls in the drink? It's much better to shave your head and tattoo the reverse image of your passwords onto your scalp. Then when you need them, you just shave your head and look in a mirror. Or course, you have to kill the tattoo guy, after he's done. :)
fwjs28 klee27x6 years ago
im gettin me a tatoo....any recomandations to kill the tattoist?...
Noodle937 years ago
So here goes the story. Someone steals your phone, but doesn't know the password. So they try to put in their SIM, and Bam! out falls a sheet of passwords? So someone who's just stolen your phone, could get access to more than both they and you thought. Handy ain't it? I'm not knocking your Instructable, I just wouldn't want people losing phones AND other property from this action. Still, I'm sure there's something handy you could put in here. PS. Yes I know, if you changed the SIM, you'd still have password at the beginning. Theives are idiots, remember. PSS. Yes I know, by removing your sim in your phone you don't remove the battery, not all phones are like that. Still, a good idea.
fwjs28 Noodle936 years ago
its pps not pss....post post script not post script scipt....however, i do agree...just use a common S/n and just write the passwords down for say msn aim 'ible, and etc...
daviddd (author)  Noodle937 years ago
I can see your point... but if you only put your password on the paper, then the people would need to find your username, and that could be anything.....
Use that thing they used before paper to remember stuff. BRAINS :P
shadow25147 years ago
hide it under the soles of your shoes
marc927 years ago
Great idea, I keep my passwords in the [BLEEP]. Too bad that everyone now knows where you keep your passwords.
marc92 marc927 years ago
(Oops, I didn't mean for that to be a link)