Ready painting I bought from DIY 50x70 size.
45x65 sizes of wooden planks
2x2cm bar for frame
2 hinges
L-shaped bracket having two end holes (2x2)
5 pieces of dowel and screw
Rope for setting
Punch and drill

Construction phase: (I forgot to take pictures of the construction.)
1- by frame profiles according to the environmental dimensions of the wooden planks We mounted using screws to the plate.
2- by plaster Image centered by wooden planks are sticking with the help of punch to the lath.
3 Hinges We fitted with wide frame with screws.
4- hinge holes we mark the holes in the wall, keeping to where we identify. We're crazy marked point drill. We frame mounted on the wall with dowels and screws.
5- We are assembled according to the situation of the frame our elbows.
6- upfront the length of the rope according to the angle of the projector.

Picture frame with brackets should be such that in the closed position will be tight sweet.

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