Picture of Hide-A-Key in a Sprinkler!
One of the most annoying things in my world is walking home from school to find that nobody is home and the doors are all locked.  I have a bad tendency to forget my house keys everywhere, mostly on my desk in my house where they're not helping anyone.  Long story short, I saw a sprinkler-shaped hide-a-key in a catalog and it hit me that it was a genius idea!  Oddly enough, it cost close to $8, while a "real" sprinkler with all the mechanics inside often costs far less than that.  I found an unused sprinkler in the shed and got to work... I present to you: the Sprinkler Hide-A-Key!

Waterproof, inexpensive, inconspicuous, and quick to build - let's go!
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Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

Picture of Stuff You'll Need
Okay, brace yourselves, here's the parts list:

-A sprinkler*
-A dime.  Yes.  A dime.

you'll also need a hot glue gun, but that's it!

*This might seem obvious, but it's generally good practice to find a sprinkler that your keys will fit inside of.  If possible, open up the sprinkler you plan to purchase/use to see if your keys will fit.  If you have a car with a large key fob, you might have a harder time finding the appropriate sprinkler.  

Step 2: Disassembly

Picture of Disassembly
This is about as simple as it gets.  It may vary from sprinkler to sprinkler, but for mine, these are the steps to follow:

1) Unscrew the black plastic ring
2) Pull out the entire sprinkling (?) mechanism
3) Unscrew the brass nozzle
4) Slide off the white rubber gasket.

The parts you'll need to keep are the black plastic ring, brass nozzle, rubber gasket, and body of the sprinkler.  If you come up with something useful to do with the spring, lemme know in the comments!
shaggs312 years ago
Very good idea about the fins. I would never have thought of that.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
That's pretty clever.