Introduction: Hide-A-Key

An easy way to keep a spare key on the outside of a vehicle.


Spare Key (preferably with Key Ring)
Strong Magnet (old hard drive magnets are ideal)
Electrical Tape

Step 1: Thread Key on to Magnet

Put the key ring through the hole on the magnet.

Step 2: Wrap With Electrical Tape

Get the key flat against the magnet and wrap with electrical tape. This is to prevent the key from flapping around, and also to protect the bumps and ridges of the key from dirt and wear.

Step 3: Stick It to Your Car

Put the key and magnet somewhere on the under carriage of your car. I tend to stick mine somewhere around the rear bumper.

Never get locked out of your car again!



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    Oh.. I see :0) I lose everything! Where do you think discarded computers might be and more specifically, do you have any ideas where I could find the magnet without tearing apart a computer?

    While hard drive magnets are stupid strong, you can get very strong rare-earth magnets (they're plated silver color) at Radio Shack or similar.

    i carry a the key of my car and my house in my wallet

    its probably a good idea to separate identification and keys, so that if one gets lost/stolen, the finder/stealer does not have easy access to your dwelling (exact location, and keys)

    i had never think that :P i'm going to made a tricky key

    I do the same thing Nano. But my address on my ID's is from a few years ago and halfway across town from where I really live. lol

    You can get coded tags for stuff at travel stores. You register at the website and if someone finds your stuff (not just keys) they call the number on the tag and they tell them what to do with it. Got one on my keyring.

    i love that its a hard drive magnet.. but i have a store-bought hide-a-key on my car... in a difficult place to find. difficult enough that i thought I lost it on the road somewhere until I looked again a couple months later!

    I'm here to post my official disapproval of your choice of tape. After one hot day, your key is going to be covered in goo. I'd suggest masking tape! :)

    I would not use any type of tape... My preference would lean towards shrink tubing the key onto the magnet.