Hide Any Files in Photos





Introduction: Hide Any Files in Photos

Input Any FIle Into Jpeg Pictures Useing The Command Prompt In a Easy 5 Step Tutorial. it's great For Keeping ppl Away From You personal And private Information Or Files And the Best part is that You can Hide any Format Of Files (Even Pictures Within Pictures!)

Step 1: Setting the Area

First Thing You Do Is Go To Your C Drive Then To Documents And Settings. Once you're There, Click On Owner.

After You Do That Right click your mouse and make a new folder named Pics.

Step 2: Covnverting the File

Put Into The Folder The Picture You Want Holding The Files, And the Files Themselves.

Ok, Now Using a Program Such as Winzip Or 7zip (My Personal Choice) Availible For Free Here (http://www.7-zip.org/) you Right Click The Files And Add It To the Archive.

The Result Would Be a .7z File With The Original File's name.

You Can Now Delete The Original File Leaving The 7z

Step 3: Opening the Command Prompt

Click On The Start Menu

Click On Run

Type In "Cmd" And Click ok

The Command Prompt Should Open

Step 4: Making the File

The First Thing You Type In Is "Cd Pics" and Pres Enter

Then You Type In
(Copy /b "The Name Of The Picture With .jpeg" + "Name Of The Zip File With .7z" "new Name for the picture with .jpeg)

Then Click Enter

When Done Correctly It Should Say 1 File(s) Copied.

You Can Then Close the command prompt

*Warning* If it Does Not Work type the name of the zip files first, then the picture...

Step 5: Retriveing Files From the Picture

To Get your Files out Of the Picture
Right Click the pic and Click on extract here

Once The File Has Been Extracted It Shoud Work Perfectly

p.s. The Files can Be extracted as many times as you wish...



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Would this just append the 7Zip file to the image?

It was excellent...i have tried with different other file types too...And it's working.....

help-- After I've mad the new file the "7z" says it cannot open the file as an archive, what is it doing and what have i done wrong?

very nice trick men i will try it on my pc, is a big shot to hide files. greetings from Guatemala!!

Help! I did everything you say to do, but when I type "image.jpeg" + "archive.7z" "image.jpeg" (i want to keep the original picture name) in the command prompt, it says something like "Impossible to find the specified file". I've got an italian version of Windos XP, so I don't exactly know what it says in english... I already tried to put the archive before the picture, but it keep saying the same thing... What am I doing wrong?

mine did the same thing, you should write "image.jpg" + "archive.7z" "image.jpg" that made mine work

Thank you very much, now it works for me too!

You stole this from jimmyrcom's you tube channel.

windows xp and vista have a zipper built in to them. I forgot how to use it, but it's there. I have one question. will it still look like an image if open it as one?