Introduction: Hide Away Sword Practice Post

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This is an idea for a removable sword practice post that even a wife (or parents) won't mind in the yard..

simple,rugged, and when practice is done the yard remains looking neat.

Step 1: What You Will Need


10' 4"x4" pressure treated post
Composite decking post sleeve
Composite decking post cap
Small area rug
5lb box of roofing nails galvanized.
1x1 railing spindle


Post hole digger

Step 2: Dig a Hole

Picture of Dig a Hole

You need a post hole digger for this step.
Dig a hole 3 feet deep or more.


Tip. There is a trick to using a post hole digger when going deeper than 3'.
Give it a moderate jam down, but then twist it a back and forth to break up the earth. Do this a few times before bothering to retrieve earth.
If all else fails retrieve loose soil by hand.
If you have read this far and have stubby arms your outta luck.

Step 3: Set Post and Post Sleeve in Hole

Picture of Set Post and Post Sleeve in Hole

Step 4: Mark Sleave

Picture of Mark Sleave

Make sure the post sleeve is seated firmly in the hole and mark it about a half inch below grade.

Examine the post cap to guage exactly where to cut it. You will want the top of the cap to be flush with the ground when the post is removed so that there is no tripping hazard.

Step 5: Cut Sleeve to Length

Picture of Cut Sleeve to Length

Any saw will do.

Be careful !!!with power tools while cutting plastic.
If you do not go slow and steady certain materials will shatter and fling shap shrapnel.

Always wear safety goggles

Let the saw do the work, never muscle through a cut

Step 6: Level Your Post

Picture of Level Your Post

Or rather plumb your post.

You do not need a level! I left mine at work.
No worries

Close one eye and move your head so that you can use an distant object (like the corner of a house or bird feeder) as a plumb reference.
Do this from at least 2 angles preferably 90 degrees apart.

If you are building your training post in the woods, create a plumb bob out of your shoe lace and a rock.

If you are wearing moccasins, rip out your hair!! ,,...and weave a rope from it for a plumb bob.

Step 7: Fill and Tamp

Picture of Fill and Tamp

Backfill the hole while maintaining the post level. Leave the post in to prevent dirt entering the sleeve.
Make sure to compact the dirt constantly with each shovel full using force to create a a solid base.

Step 8: Stop Fill Before Grade

Picture of Stop Fill Before Grade

Continue fill until a few inches from top.

Step 9: Place Cap

Picture of Place Cap

Remove practice post and install safety cap.
Fill in leaving a finger hole or 2 I. The dirt alongside cap for removal purposes.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Post

Picture of Enjoy Your Post

Train daily!

Step 11: Optional

Picture of Optional

Install carpet for a sword saver with roofing nails.

Tack it , wrap it , and nail it off.
I chose to install it inside out, but it's getting beat up already. Next time I'll try shag out.

Step 12: Inspiration

Picture of Inspiration

Go youtube
"Armored Combat League"
"Pensic wars"

For inspiration!


Frodo1965 made it! (author)2015-06-18

As soon as I saw your instructable knew I had to do it. I had made a sword dummy on my own, but I put it on a stand, and it DID NOT work well. This, on the other hand, is simply fabulous, or as we say around here, wicked pissah! At least, we used to say it (I still do....). Anyway, thank you VERY much for this instructable. You rock!

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-11-09

Very nice sword post, I can see very few people minding it and it working well for practice!

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