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Introduction: Hide Secret Files in a Fake USB Charging Cable

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Hi everyone!

In this ible I'll show you how to protect your files by masking a USB pendrive into an old USB charging cable. The result will look like a normal charging cable so if you keep it near other cables no one will think that you hide something into it.

It's a very quick project and it uses old materials so it's totally free.

Thanks for the support given me in the "Hiding Places Contest"!

Step 1: Materials & Tools


- thin (or mini) USB

- charging cable (that you will never use again)


- x-acto knife

- glue

- a pair of scissors

- eraser

Step 2: Dismount the Thin USB

Dismount the USB pendrive.

We need just the circuit, so I simply removed the metal and the plastic part by pulling them off.

NOTE: This step could be avoid of you use a Mini USB pendrive. I had this thin 8GB pen laying around so I used it.

Step 3: Dismount the Charging Cable

In order to dismount the USB connector, you have to cut along the line on its sides.

Once you opened it, cut the wires, remove the white plastic piece with a screwdriver and keep the metal piece.

NOTE: Again, if you use a Mini USB pendrive, you don't have to keep the metal piece.

Step 4: Modify the Thin USB

Since I used a thin USB pendrive I had to add a small white rectangular piece to make it look as a normal USB plug.

So I simply cut it from an eraser, and I glued it under the pendrive's circuit.

Finally I inserted it in the metal piece and, as you can see in photo #4, it really looks like a normal USB connector.

Step 5: Re Glue the Charging Cable

Put it into the USB side of the charging cable, and re glue the black plastic cover in place.

Be sure to keep it pressed until it dries, so there will be not visible signs.

Step 6: Finish! Your Secret Files Will Now Be Safe

Finish! As I promised you in less than 3 minutes we made it!

Now you can store it near other charging cables so no one will touch it, and your secret files will be safe.

I hope that you enjoyed this quick project.

Thank you for reading my Instructable. ;)
Feel free to comment and ask if you need to know something!




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    If one doesn't have an old pendrive, how would you make it?

    learn how to manufacture silicon wafers?

    What do you mean?
    I also viewed your comment in the other guy's ible.. He also used a USB charging cable and a pen...

    you could buy it probably.. ;)

    I love it but is there a way to charge and have the usb drive in it?

    mmm... that's a good question! I admit that I don't know if it's possible, anyway "Raitis" commented about it in a comment here below... maybe you could try to send him a private message ;)