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Last month, a maintenance person from water Purifier Company came to my place to change the filter Cartridge & filter candles. As I always think how to use waste to convert more environment friendly & useful material,  I fixed all the candles at four corner of my garden and appearing beauty full.
I left with the filter element and as I saw the valentine contest and I came up with Hide & Seek Valentine Flower Vase which can be used for the candle light dinner as well as a creative way to present the gift to the better half and ask search you’re the gift.

Step 1:

Following materials are required to complete the project

Used  water filter cartridge  – 1 piece
Wool – 150 gms
Pre printed heart shape card as per choice
Red color Gladiolas flower – 1 piece
Small designer box – 1 piece
Ring or any small gift as per your choice

1. As steps mentioned through figure below, wrap the wool around the filter cartridge tightly.
<br>What a great use for an old water filter! Thanks for sharing, Reeta! <br>

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