Introduction: Hide Ur Valuables With Secret Places

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I have a younger soling and I share a room with her she is always stealing my stuff so here are a few places u can hide ur valuables

Step 1: Under Some Type of Lamp

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If u have something flat like money or a piece of paper with something secret in it put it under a table lamp or a floor lamp it works

Step 2: The Bed!!

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Anything fits under mattress like my purse with some secret stuff that my sis tried to take

Step 3: Ur Expensive Stuff

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I have a very expensive meal lace that was my great grandmothers I don't want anyone taking it so I put it in this Chapstick holder

Step 4: In the Window Shade

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I have a really expensive selfie stick so u thought that I could put it inside my window curtain because they have ruffle loops at the bottom so I put the selfie stick in the middle loop so u can't see it

Step 5: Book Shelf

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Put ur money or letters in side of books no one reads or in between two books like in the pics but just Denver which books u put it in between and what book and page number u put it in

Step 6: Toilet Paper Rolls

If u have little shells or rocks or something small put it in a bag of some sort and then into the paper roll it goes


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