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Hello World!
This is Mohit and today i am gonna share one amazing trick which can help you to hide your secret message in text file. You can set one secret key to hide this message and whenever you want to access this message you have to use this key. :)

So... What we are waiting for??? Let's Start!!! :)

Step 1: Working With Cmd

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First of all open command prompt(Windows + R, Type cmd and hit Enter)
now you have to change the directory where you want to create text file in which you will hide your message. you can change your current directory in command prompt by using "cd" command. Type cd followed by full path of your directory. (cd "Full path")

In my case i am just going to create text file on desktop. So i don't need to specify full path.

cd Desktop

Now this one is very important step. here we will use command "notepad". type notepad followed by your new text file name that you want to create (note: you have to specify .txt extension after file name) and then type : (colon) and then your secret key. So, syntax will be like

notepad myMessge.txt:833

here notepad is command name
myMessage.txt is my filename

: (colon) will work like separator

and 833 is my secret key (Note: You will never get your hidden message back, if you will forgot this key)

Step 2: Creating Text File

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Once you will hit enter, one window will popup with message. It is just asking to create new text file with specified name. So, Click on Yes button.

Step 3: Writing Secret Message

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Now its time to write your secret message that you want to hide from every one. It may be your password or some one's mobile number or my be some link ;)

Just write it and save this file by pressing Ctrl +S and then close this file.

Step 4: Checking Text File

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Now you will see one text file on your desktop with the same file name that you just created. But when you will open this text file you will get nothing.

It means your message is invisible in this text file. So, no one will be able to see your message by opening this file.

Step 5: Reading Your Message Using Key

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Now What if you want to open that message again. Just follow the same Step as given in Step # 1.

Open cmd (Windows + R, Type cmd and hit enter)

Navigate to that directory where your text file is stored.

Type command notepad followed by text file name including file extension and then type : (colon) and then secret key. Press Enter.

<strong>notepad myMessge.txt:833</strong>

Yeahhhh, you will be able to see that message. :)

You can also hide different message by using different key with one text file. For example

<strong>notepad myMessge.txt:123</strong>

Here 123 is different key, but we are using the same text file

Note : Your message will not be available, if you will delete the original text file.

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I hope this one was interesting for you :)

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elsep2003 (author)2017-03-18

Alternative Streams are used by all sorts of programs to store metadata. Give your PC a scan with 'Alternative Stream Viewer v1.52' you may be suprised how much data is stored that you didn't know about.

mvaghadiya (author)2017-03-18

Very useful! Thanks :)

YS Creations (author)2017-03-17

I'm curious, is it actually saving different files somewhere in the system? Pretty cool trick though.

As commented by Alej24601, Its something called Alternate Data Stream. Refer this link

Thanks Alej24601 & The MOIsFactory. I'll take a look & read into it.

Alej24601 (author)2017-03-17

It's called an "Alternate Data Stream" and you can read more about it here:

TheMOIsFactory (author)Alej246012017-03-18

Thank you very much for sharing this with us. :)

errorcode401 (author)2017-03-17

Thanks for sharing this!

It is really amazing! I am going yo use this :)


Thanks! :)

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