Hide the AC Unit


Introduction: Hide the AC Unit

Tools and Materials:

Four fence posts

One 4 x 8 sheet of plastic lattice

Three 8' strips of Lattice trim

Post hole digger

Circular Saw

Electric Screw driver


I dug four holes and set my posts in concrete at each corner.

From the 4 x 8 sheet of lattice cut three pieces. Measure the distance from the bottom of your post to the top edge.

Measure the distance between the post and cut the lattice 1/2" smaller.

Cut and install (screw) a piece of lattice trim on each post. Slide the cut panels into the trim pieces.



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    New higher seer units have a much larger footprint

    Looks like a change out is inevitable and needed soon how is the new equipment gonna fit in that space?

    1 reply

    Concrete pad is larger than AC unit and posts are set outside the concrete pad. Or I just remove the lattice panels and change out the unit.

    Service is on back corner service panel screws no longer accessible

    This is a cute solution! We need to do something like this for ours.

    1 reply

    I LEFT THE BACK OPEN FOR SERVICE. Also I think you could cut your cost by cutting a treated 4 x 4 post in half, instead of fancy fence posts.