Hide Things in Your Old Deoderant Container!





Introduction: Hide Things in Your Old Deoderant Container!

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Need a place to hide your money or valuables? Keep them in plain site, at home, or while traveling. Also, more great uses for old deoderant sticks!

Step 1: What You'll Need.

This is what you'll need to make a deoderant safe that you can use to stash your favorite items.

1. One used stick of deoderant.
2. Candle (Similar color of the deoderant).
3. Something to light the candle.
4. Masking tape.

Step 2: Preparing the Deoderant Stick.

Start off by disassembling your deoderant stick by turning the bottom until the inside piece comes out of the top. Use a paper towel and water to clean the pieces of the deoderant stick.


Step 3: Taping the Deoderant "Platform"

Take the piece from the inside of the deoderant stick,(The piece that the deoderant origianlly sat on), and put a layer of tape around the edge, leaving about 1/2 an inch around the top.

Step 4: Creating the Fake Deoderant.

Light your candle and let the wax melt into the space that you just created with the tape and the sliding piece from the deoderant stick. Let the max melt into the space until you get near the top of the tape, then leave it to dry.

(You can help the wax dry faster by running cold water around it after it gets mostly solidified.)

Step 5: Making It Look More Like Deoderant.

After the wax dries all the way through, make it look more like used deoderant by reheating it over the candle and rubbing your thumb across it. Or you could use the finest grate on a cheese grater, or paper towels. Anything that gives it that, "I just came from under someones arm" texture.

Step 6: Hide Your Stuff.

After you achieve the texture you want on the wax, you can reassemble the deoderant stick like it origianlly was. Just don't push the middle piece down to far, or the stick in the middle will poke through the wax and reveal your secret. Now you can hide anything that you can fit in it.

Step 7: More Uses for Used Deoderant Sticks.

On this last slide I will update more uses for deoderant sticks when they come to mind.

1.Used deoderant sticks make great Q-tip holders.
2.Also great for holding (Or hiding) your valuables.



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    de-ODOR-ant! It de-ODOR-izes! See how that works? But seriously, isn't it just as good to just leave a little deodOrant in the dispenser and use the thing that way?

    2 replies

    heh heh, that sounds like something that me and my friends would talk about...

    really all you need is a peice of C4 the size of 2 peas and that could really do some damage.

    thanks for this ible i made this awhile ago and no on ever seems to look in a raandom deodorant container in my room so its a great hiding spot for small things.

    15 replies

    Also, if you are opposed to guns, or are that afraid of a petty thug, carry a fake wallet, with some fake credit cards (think annoying junk mail offers) and a little bit of money in it (but enough as to not blow the whistle on the fake wallet).

    In 2007, of robberies known to police nationwide (including the South and the Midwest, where guns are notoriously easy to purchase), 42.8% of robbers used a firearm. 39.9% strong armed, 8.3% used a cutting instrument, and 9% used an 'other' weapon. Note these may not add up to 100% due to rounding. By the way, a robber can tell if one has a concealed weapon with unbelievable accuracy. It changes the way you walk, the way you talk, and the outline may be visible. In many robberies, the robber carries a replica gun, or one unloaded. And one can always act like one is reaching for a wallet and pull a gun out. 97% (or something like that) of robbers flee when violence is used back. Also, people who carry concealed firearms should take courses on how to use their concealed firearms.

    The easiest solution is to get a license to carry a concealed firearm. Then, when robbed, use concealed firearm.

    Either you have a REALLY big wallet, or are a dmolitions genius. I want to know what kind of bomb you've got in your wallet that's that effective. lol A note on that: booby traps are illegal, and will get you in as much (if not more) trouble than the thief.

    Have you seen our other Instructable? Self-Help for the Budding Arson. LOL, jk.

    It really doesn't usually, that's why was thinking paper. The cloth was to makes it appear more real. Could use something like cheesecloth, though. That might be thin enough to burn to ash with the oxygenated paper, while providing a cloth like texture. Should at least burn completely enough to eliminate fingerprints and other viable forensic evidence.

    Could tack a single layer of cloth around the outside, so it looks real. The paper would still be toast almost instantly, and if it's a thin enough piece of cloth, it'd likely burn as well. Just needs to look real till he opens it. After all, it is just a decoy.

    Because you're not quite evil. Muah ha ha ha!

    The booby trap law is applied to civilians in civilian circumstances. As for your fingerprint issue, an even better option would be to use suede, specifically brushed suede. Since if the wallet doesn't burn completely to ash, fingerprints may still be findable. Brushed suede is very problematic when it comes to fingerprinting. You could still to the flammable soak if you were worried about other forensic evidence, as a double protection. Though at the speed of explosion, unless you were using something with a particularly high flash temp, it probably would fully ignite the wallet, as it would blow it out at the same time it tried to light, but it might add in some smoldering as a side-effect. It's nice to here that you like us. haha

    Nice to *HEAR that you like us. Stupid typos.

    I just thought of the perfect solution to the wallet fingerprint/burning issue.

    Use one of our many enjoyable wallet making instructables here to make a paper wallet. Use oxygenated paper. It should practically vaporize when then "fireworks" go off, no wallet = no fingerprints.

    Let me know what you think.

    Yeah, I caught that. I seem to be the typo king since we got the new comp, so I won't hold it against you. lol. Yeah, I think the firecracker idea would work best. maybe wrap each bunch of them in a dollar bill. Wouldn't cost much, and even though it's only a dollar, it'd look like fair sized wads of cash. Would just have to figure out how to remote activate it, or have an ativator basded on the wallet opening. Remote would be better though. Anyone else notice how we went from legality to functionality? Well, it's a site about passing on info. Kinda a 'don't try this at home, but this is how you do it' thing. lol BTW, very creative name, Cant.

    You are a genius, cantth1nk. Did u ever write for Spy vs Spy? I bet your solution to the faltering U.S. economy is for the govt to just give people buckets full of money, then when the bank comes to take your house, you can just go into the bucket and voila!! Crisis averted!

    You'd need something hotter than gunpowder to eradicate the wallet enough to destroy all fingerprints. Bombs are actually incredibly ineffective at removing the evidence of their creation and implementation. But it would be able to blow off fingers if he had it gripped in hand, much like a strong firecracker. I'm not saying it wouldn't be cool, just that it would be illegal. And unless you resorted to even more illegal explosives than just gunpowder, it wouldn't be likely to be lethal. There is the chance of lethality with the gunpowder, but more likely if you claymored the wallet. Gunpowder flash without being pressurized wouldn't do too much on its own. When you said they blow up, I had images of robber bits all over the place. lol. You could have the wallet blow up, I was just saying you'd need some crazy stuff to blow the whole person up. Mostly I was just trying to joke with you about it.

    Hey not bad! Great for hiding stuff during travel, like small jewelry & such. Hey, did ya know? Cons in prison put used postage stamps up against their deoderant stick to remove the cancellation ink marks so they can reuse the stamp.