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Introduction: Hide Your Files (content to Be Added, Please Check Back Later for More Content)

About: Who cares! I give the instructions and you read it! End of story! lol

Right well any person with a computer should know that it is incredibly easy to hide files. I mean you just right click, go to properties and make it hidden! Done! But the point of this instructable is to make the files hidden from all except for you. Now first of all, make sure you have a computer running Windows (I have no idea how to use a Mac) with a minimum of XP (that's all I know lol). Right well first of all you need these programs:

True Cyrpt

Dummy File Creator

Please note that these files will be used later, not in the next step.

Step 1: Renaming

Now the first and most important part of hiding files is not to use files that have names that will give everything away! For example:
"F**king hot babe"

These will just not do! You need to use more subtle names. For example:

"1", "2", "3"
"a", b", "ab"

Just use numbers or letters. These are less likely to cause suspicion. However this part may not work with everyone. Naming files has it's uses, such as knowing what that file is. But if you have a good memory, then this is a really good option



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