Hide Your Junk With Art, Make a Big Poster.





Introduction: Hide Your Junk With Art, Make a Big Poster.

My friend moved out so I get my apartement to myself, wich is good. She took the shelves with her wich is bad because I have an ugly cardboardbox-monolith next to the couch with a lot of my stuff in it.
I decided to hide it with a poster and so I had to make one!

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need.

A computer with printer, ink and printingpaper
Ducttape (or atleast stickytape of some sorts)
Doublesided foam mounting-tape (or something to stick it up with)

High-resolution image .. I suggest using an imagesearcher like Altavista (yes everyone uses google but they ARE helping the chinese and american governments to censor the internet so I just can't support them)

A program that makes posters. Here are my favorites :

PosterRazor - a stand-alone program that makes posters from images as a pdf-puzzle. This is the one I will be referring to.

Poster Printer - a program that acts as a printer-driver to print anything directly as posters.

PDFCreator - another printer-program but one that makes PDFs from any program.

Step 2: Choose Your Picture.

I decided on this art-thingy .. I know nothing of art execpt what I like to have hanging on my walls. Someone is bound to comment on this.

My suggestion is to find an image that is :
Colourful - otherwise you'll run out of ink, imagine printing 1,5 squaremeters of red.
Really high resolution - otherwise it will look like crap when you blow it up.

Search with a searchengine of your choice.
Some nice places are :
Digital Blasphemy

Step 3: PosterRazor

Doubleclick to start the program, after that it's all pretty straightforward.
You input the image where it says "Input image" and then you click on next.

Step 4: Defining Paper Format.

Step 2 in PosterRazor asks for info on papersize and borders, there's also a button in the lower-left corner if you feel the standards aren't yours.

I chose to remove all the borders, ie setting them to null.

Step 5: Image Overlapping.

In step 3 you overlap the image and define overlapping size, how much of the print that will be the same as the previous tile.

I set 1mm overlap and bottom right . coz I wanted to :)

Step 6: Final Size.

I measured my boxes as beeing 205*93cm.
I used absolute size and specified 95cm (2 for extra width)

Step 7: Saving and Printing ..

Next you save the poster, open and print it.
Pretty much standard settings on the printer did a nice job for me.

As an afterthought .. it might have been better to center the poster on the paper as I feel it got a bit off-center ones put up.

Step 8: Cut It Out ..

Now that you have all those papers you have to cut them up a bit.
I cut the bottom and right side of every paper. This because I chose that layout earlier in PosterRazor.

Step 9: Put It Together ..

There's much better ways than what I did. Probably ducttape isn't the greatest thing for this but it's what I had laying around .. you how it is.

I use three strips of tape and carefuly aligned every page in the rows .. even so I mucked it up a bit.

Then I put the rows together and presto!!

One poster.

After some thought I decided to put some ducttape on the back to hold the edges together.

Step 10: Put It Up.

I put small squares of double-sided tape on the boxes and just slapped up the poster.

Step 11: Before and After.

Alright .. so my home is still a mess but atleast I don't se that eyesore anymore. In it's place is nice art :)



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    I use Poster Printer, its more convenient. The program prints each part of the image leaving the areas for bonding

    This looks like the work of Alphonso Mucha, a Russian artist. I think Mucha produced some of the best work of the Art Nouveau period. This movement was short lived because attempts to mass produce it quickly degenerated into Art Deco. I am not sure, but I am guessing the title of this one would be "Spring." For not knowing much about art, I think you have very good taste.

    Mucha was Czech. I agree a superb choice.:)

    Thanks. I'm one of those "I know what I like"-people and this stuff is just epic.

    this is such a neat post im thinking about something possible that is the disasembly of the printer and fiting it with a syncked trak rack instead of paper rolers iot would track on a geared rail or rubbered drive wheel with straight rod guide in order to make this into a pc murial setup think of it doin prints on yer car hood or doors ect . t shirts ect it would werk it in my head if i get the time im doin it! thanks omnibot

    Have you considered just going to a printer? They can usually do a1 and bigger.

    hi say if you set the program to center ? no overlap on sides wouldnt you be able to use rolled paper inserted into most single page printers walah therby getting a section like 3 pages wide but on one longer paper cut the rite width to feed continuousely with little side track pritter jambs of misfeeds at say 3 sht wide? no what i mean?

    I think I understand, yes. I suppose if you run it without the margins up or down but I suspect there would be trouble with a printer that feeds individual sheets. Try it :)

    dude i just, like i just got done making a cardboard cut-out of myself using the same process, you shoulda mounted the image on a piece of cardboard so you could move it to cover one eye-sore to another...

    Yer .. I'm sortof getting arouns to it but I'm prolly gonna take it down anyway after the holidays and get some shelves. Although that would be a useful idea for the next project when I'm gonna put something similar on the wall.