Picture of Hide your message inside the Image
Hello, i am going to show you how to hide your secret message inside the image.

You can also visit http://errorcode401.blogspot.in/2013/06/hide-file-inside-image-needed-things-1.html to hide your file inside the image.

Let's Start.
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Step 1: Create Message File

Picture of Create Message File
Open Notepad [Start >> Run >> Type "notepad" >> Enter]
Type your message which you want to hide in image and save it on deaktop.
Here i am saving my message in msg.txt file.

Step 2: Select Image

Picture of Select Image
Now you have to select image in which you want to hide your message.
Copy that Image File on desktop. [Here i am copying 401.jpg image]

Step 3: Hide Message in image

Picture of Hide Message in image
Now Open Command prompt [Start >> Run >> Type "cmd" >> Enter]
Now type cd desktop then hit Enter.
Then Type copy /b 401.jpg + msg.txt hiddenmsg.jpg then Enter.

[Note : Here hiddenmsg.jpg is new image file which contain your message.
401.jpg is your image and msg.txt is text file
you have to change this file name in command as per your file name]

Step 4: Done

Picture of Done
Thats it...!!! Now you can delete your old file [401.jpg and msg.txt]
Now you can see one new image file on your desktop name with hiddenmsg,jpg

Step 5: How you can see your Message

Picture of How you can see your Message
When you want to see your message which is hidden in your Image then Open that new Image file [hiddenmsg.jpg] with notepad.
Go to End of that file. you will see your message there.

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