Hide your projector with an interesting decoration idea...

Picture of Hide your projector with an interesting decoration idea...

Cables are really a headache for gadget lovers like me. And till a genious will invent to transfer power with wireless, they will continue to be. I am sure that at least once, you had to convince your wife or mum to use your equipment in the desired spot. When I began to search a solution for this situation, I drew up many designs but decided to instruct this one. The advantage of this design was to kill three birds with one stone; like 1) Having a nice portraite of our son in our tv room which my wife can never say no :) , 2) A mind developer toy for our son, 3) A well hidden projector mount to suit room decoration.

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Step 1: You need:

Picture of You need:
1) One sheet of plywood
2) A decoupage machine
3) Cupboard hinge (2)
4) Cupboard wall montage kit(2)
5) Fishline(1.5 m)
6) Magnetic door holder
7) Elastic stripe
8) Screws(6)
9) Spray wood paint
10) Cable channel
11) Foil printed photo of anything you want
12) A sliding puzzle to use as a design model

Step 2: Constructing the slide puzzle frame and back cabinet

Picture of Constructing the slide puzzle frame and back cabinet
My Documents082.BMP
You must cut 15 slides (10x10 cm) from the mdf sheet  with decoupage machine. Use your model for the shape of the edges of the slides. Then the frame (50x50 cm) with a rectangle (40x40 cm) in it. Be careful with the channels for sliding. When done place the slides in the rectangle and cut another frame (50x50 cm) for back then screw. Construct the back of the cabinet depending on the size of your projector to fit in. It's not easy but you can DIY if you have some little carpenter skills. Assembly the frame with hinges to the cabinet. Also screw the magnetic door holders parts to each side. Paint the frame and cabinet with white (or whichever color you want) spray paint. Pay attention not to paint the stripes because it prevents to slide easily, just use a masking tape to avoid.
FYI, The genius for wireless power transfer was Tesla. Unfortunately, Edison HATED him and had more personality/funding. The technology is still "out there" but not economically viable at this time. :-)

disclaimer: My husband is a Tesla Freak.