Picture of Hiding Folders
If you need to hide a folder and even create a false domain this instructable has step by step instructions for a Windows XP. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE
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Step 1: Making a Folder Invisible

Picture of Making a Folder Invisible
To start off go to your desktop and right click anywhere on the screen. Click new and then choose folder. now place your folder where you want it to be. i sugest having the folder near the bottom of the screen because it is harder to locate there. Now right click the folder and choose rename. Hit alt and hold it while typing 0160. Next right click the folder again and choose properties. Now choose customize and then click the change icon button. look through the icons until you find a blank space, choose it. Hit ok. Now your folder is invisible. to open it double click that space.

Step 2: How To Password Protect A Folder Without Software

Picture of How To Password Protect A Folder Without Software
Right click the folder made in the first step. click send to. Now click compressed (zipped) folder. Next move the unzipped folder into the trash bin. Open the new zipped folder. click file in the top left corner and then click add password. Add your password. now all files in that folder are password protected and can't be moved without the password.

Step 3: Making A Password Protected Folder Invisibile

Picture of Making A Password Protected Folder Invisibile
Now create and new folder and make that invisible with the steps you read before. now drag the zipped folder into the new invisible one and  place that were you like.
tim1274 years ago
does it work on windows vista?
x0mb13z5 years ago
Now, my file when opened doesn't have a "File" tab in the top bar. What am I doing wrong/ what's wrong with the system I'm using?
alester27 (author)  x0mb13z5 years ago
what computer system are you using?