Hiding Place From Relatives/siblings/annoying Friends





Introduction: Hiding Place From Relatives/siblings/annoying Friends

Have a brother who keeps stealing your diary? A friend who is trying to steal your piggy bank? This is a great way to hide things from anyone you want to stay out of your stuff, and keep your things safe.

Step 1: Materials

First, grab a shoe boxes, a marker, another box that is NOT a shoe box and something to hide(it should be smaller than the boxes).

Step 2: Deceiving

Write DO NOT TOUCH! On the box that is NOT a shoe box. Then, write a note saying something like "fooled you!" On the paper. Place the paper in the box you just used. Put this box somewhere easy to see.

Step 3: Ta Da!!!

Next, get one of the shoe boxes, and put your thing to hide inside. Put it and the other shoe boxes in your closet in a pile near your shoes. An voalia! Now if they look for your things, they will think it's your shoes!



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    love it. I am going to use this against my sisters in the near future

    SO AWESOME!! I am going to do that and it will turn out great in my suspects but i won't use the box that wasn't a shoe box the same as yours XD