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I was in the woods, thinking about random stuff. I was thinking about how to hide stuff from my brothers. Then it hit me! Hide it inside a tree. So I found a pine tree, that was kind of out of the way, and tried to figure out how to do this. This is the process I went through to make a pretty cool hiding spot in a tree.

Step 1: Find a Tree

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First you need to figure out what you need to hide. If it is too big to fit in a soft-wooded tree that is near you, then you will need to find a different hiding place. I found one in my backyard, out of the way, where noone really went that much. I reccomend pine, but any soft-wood tree will work.

Step 2: Make a Small Hole

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Start by carving a small hole into the tree, with a pocket knife. This is best done by stabbing into the tree and then twisting.

Step 3: Make a Square

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Draw a square/rectangle in the wood around the hole that you just made. Then draw line down through the square, dividing it into however many parts you think is good. Then, to get the bark off, stick the edge of your knife under the bark and seperate it using the strips.

Step 4: Dig In

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Just start carving into the wood, making the hole deeper and deeper. I decided to go for length instead of depth, but it's up to you.

Step 5: The Cover

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Now you have to find another type of your tree rather far away. Then you need to cut off a peice of bark the size of your hiding hole. You need to then cut a homemade type of tac that will hold the cover on. The reason you need to use a peice of wood to attach it, is so that it looks natural, as long as someone doesn't look too closely.

Step 6: Finally

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Now, you need to tac the bark cover onto the tree. When you do this, you need to only tac the top, so you can open/close the hole when you need to get stuff in/out. Now you have a hole that you can hide random stuff in. I hid my knife in there, so my brothers couldn't find it and hurt themselves. (I'm so caring, I know.) I know the cover doesn't completely cover it, but I made this in like 10 minutes, so it's ok. And I didn't take the bark from a tree away from the hole, but whatever.


ThatKnottyguy (author)2012-05-05

I just want to say.
I am truly sorry about all of these treehuggers ruining your instructables.
People need to understand that a tiny hole in a tree wont kill it.
Keep Posting!

If it's wrong to hurt trees then you shouldn't eat any type of vegetables or fruits or anything like that. And there's plenty of things I would hide in a tree instead of in my house. But nature eats nature that's how life is so if a monkey can eat a banana or a dog can dig a hole you can scar up a tree

ThatKnottyguy (author)2012-05-05

I just want to say.
I am truly sorry about all of these treehuggers ruining your instructables.
People need to understand that a tiny hole in a tree wont kill it.
Keep Posting!

LePyro (author)2011-07-05

Geocaching here i come...

psplayer23 (author)2008-06-30

what would you need to hide in a treee that you cant keep in your pockets or houes????????? its not worth hutring a tree to hide something. how would you like it if someone made a hole in you to hide stuff

Suggens (author)psplayer232010-01-20

1. Trees don't have nerves, so they can't feel it when you strip a little bit of bark off, or hollow out a little hole.

2. This probably wasn't enough damage to kill the tree.

3. Trees don't have souls.

ThirdEye4103 (author)Suggens2010-09-12

HAHA thanks for pointing out the obvious for that guy lol

Rainh2o (author)Suggens2010-03-24

Nothing has a soul...what makes people think we are any different then the rest of nature...

Rock Soldier (author)psplayer232009-06-28

how would you like it if someone made a hole in you to hide stuff

Worst reason ever.

 have you ever pooped a balloon?

vestie (author)Rock Soldier2009-07-20

True. It is an appeal to emotion one of the most basic fallacies. Premise 1: Author hurt a tree to hide something. Premise 2: Hurting trees is bad. Conclusion: Author did something bad. This is a sound argument I do find fault w/ premise 2 but assuming all premises are true the conclusion is true. Appeal to emotion Premise 1: I would not like it if someone made a hole in me to hide stuff Conclusion: I shouldn't make a hole in things to hide stuff. See the problem, there is no connection bettween me and what I like and other things.

Rock Soldier (author)vestie2009-07-20

I don't understand.

vestie (author)Rock Soldier2009-07-23

Its a logic agument checking for a validity. Imagine that all premises are true and if that makes the conclusion ALWAYS true then it is a good argument if not it is never a argument that works.

Rock Soldier (author)vestie2009-07-23


vestie (author)Rock Soldier2009-08-09

I proved that even if his points where both true. His conclusion isn't true. just because you don't think something is right(moral) doesn't mean its the right decision(practically).

zigzagchris (author)2010-07-12

I understand the concept but for such lack of "hiddeness" I think digging a whole under a rock is a better idea. I guess mabee if you put it high up in a tree (more then you often look up) it could work

lurch5038 (author)2008-02-18

Would you like someone to come along and skin you shin so they could hide their brothers marbles? Come on. Not only is it pointless destruction of living things, but it's going to be plainly obvious in a few hours that that bark doesn't belong to that tree

garrett10 (author)lurch50382008-06-16

I agree. I am NOT a Tree hugger nor do I belive in global warming but IT KILLS LIVING THINGS including animals

so_simple98 (author)garrett102008-06-28

how does it kill animals?

garrett10 (author)so_simple982008-06-29

1.Becase that tree might have bugs that an animal eats and once that tree dies it might not have anything to eat and then the animal dies 2.the tree could fall and kill any birds in it. 3.what did that poor old tree ever do to you.(I AM NOT A TREE HUGGER)

Suggens (author)garrett102010-01-20

Yeah, and when that tree falls not only might it kill a few birds, but it might land on top of someones home, and kill a child while the child was sleeping. AND that child might've grown up and been a veterinarian and saved a whole bunch of other animals.

Just so you know, that hole isn't big enough to kill the tree.

Rock Soldier (author)garrett102009-06-28

Because that tree might have bugs that an animal eats and once that tree dies it might not have anything to eat and then the animal dies

It you were really going to do this, there will most likely be more trees, and bugs that the animal eats in more then just that tree.

so_simple98 (author)garrett102008-06-29

I like how you read the comments below, you know, the ones that actually make sense. 1. There is more than that one tree that animals can get bugs from, it is a FOREST. 2. It was a very small tree, there were no birds nests in it. And a bird can fly, so if the tree started to fall, the bird would fly away. 3. What did the poor old tree ever do to you is THE most treehugger comment I have ever heard.

garrett10 (author)so_simple982008-06-30

I meant a baby bird I have seen a baby bird fall out of a tree and blood spilled out of its mouth. I AM NOT A TREEHUGGER I AM ANIMALHUGGEER

so_simple98 (author)garrett102008-07-01

No birds nest, baby birds can't fly, how would a baby bird get in the tree?

garrett10 (author)so_simple982008-07-01

because a mother layed them

so_simple98 (author)garrett102008-07-01

How many times must I say this, there is NO birds nest in the tree. In order for the mother to lay them there, there has to be a nest.

garrett10 (author)so_simple982008-07-03

Oh sorry I didint understand the comment from jul 1,2008 8:14. :-0

so_simple98 (author)garrett102008-07-03

Its cool, as long as you understand now.

Rock Soldier (author)2009-07-20

Besides, trees loose branches everyday during storms
I like that comment, and I agree. It's okay when a storm kills trees, or even blow them out of the ground(and believe me, that looks cool), but a person cuts a little bit of bark of, maybe to hide something, maybe to start a fire, it's of to jail with them so to speak.

What is one more tree going to do to the "ozone". '
That one probably depends on where you live, I must admit.

BlackDidThis (author)2008-10-20

There are a few things I didn’t get. If they were mentioned of below in the other comments, my apologies, but this time I didn’t enjoy reading down al the way.

Firstly, why damage two trees? Why not just carefully remove the bark and reuse it in the first one? I mean; wouldn't it be exactly the same bark structor? Have I missed out on something?
(For the anti-treehuggers: No need to get childish. It DOES damage the tree. The tree is “lesser” from that day on (Actually in this case two trees). And they shall have to try to recover. For the tree huggers; a tree will try to live in spite any pests or vandals as presented... will it be impaired? DEFINITELY. But to say it will die would be too soon to predict. I hope it won’t)

Secondly, how are you going to prevent the hiding place from closing up? You may not be aware that when you wound a tree, they try to heal. In this process they create a cambium layer that slowly covers the whole created. Even if your hiding place starts to rot, in time there will be a rim around the area of healing.
Thus is this a temporary measure?

Last of all; a very personal opinion would be for “since you were going to go through all this trouble and harm”; I would really have wished your concealing to look a lot more concealing than this. There are so many ways to hide anything in the forest or even in a single tree without doing any harm.

I am very sorry but I shall have to down rate it since I don’t see point. And I find little use in proportion to the cost.

so_simple98 (author)BlackDidThis2008-10-20

Alright, its been 8 months since i did this, and the bark did heal over my knife, and it really is concealed. Both trees are doing just fine, they have both healed up.

Rock Soldier (author)so_simple982009-07-20

and the bark did heal over my knife
Is it still like that? I would like to see a picture

vestie (author)2009-07-20

I like the idea. Might have saved you time to bury it at the bottom of the tree so that the tree is a marker. Also on a non-significant side note the tree wouldn't have to regrow some bark. BOOO WHOOO.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-16

Pretty cool idea. I like the place you guys are at-- is that at a park? Or like your backyard?

Pretty cool, that is, if you like destroying trees. Really, someday, some idiot is going to cut down the last trees and there goes our main supply of oxygen.

I sure hope that one tree isn't our main supply of oxygen when there are easier ways to remove Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. What most likely be the problem is to much of Carbon Dioxide or other non oxygen gases not not enough oxygen.

so_simple98 (author)GorillazMiko2008-02-16

Yeah, it's my backyard.

chuckr44 (author)2008-02-18

You can usually find a natural hollow in a tree to hide things. That's what geocachers do. Go to and read in the forums and look for the best ideas for hiding spaces. Geocachers do this all the time. I'm not an enviro-nut but harming a tree just isn't necessary.

Rock Soldier (author)chuckr442009-06-28

The problem is, if you make a hole, two things could happen. Either the hole is too high up, and the items you put in are stuck in there, or The hole is too low, so whatever your trying to hide isn't safe from being stolen

Tool Using Animal (author)2008-02-16

How to mutilate not one, but two trees.

seriously....why not just bury your little stash?

maple grover (author)xrobevansx2009-03-05

exactly y dont you just bury the thing and save a tree? itll be safer and better consealed there

pyro13 (author)2009-02-04

This would be an amazing hiding spot if it was done a little more carefully and the bark healed over your stash. As long as its meant to be a long term stash, it would be great!

shadow12952 (author)2009-01-13

nnice way to kill a tree

CrafterCassie (author)2008-07-27

Even though i am a tree hugger, and an animal hugger, I'll admit it was clever, but maybe it would've been better if you did it with a dead tree. I'm not trying to be rude, it's just what i think.

good point. it would not heal either, so it is in easy access, easier to cut, and a larger space.

Hands Without Shadows (author)2008-02-16

Instead of doing this you could have marked the tree using your knife with an X, put the knife inside of a ziplock bag, and buried it beside the tree. I don't mind someone cutting down a tree for firewood (unless there are dead trees around), but this tree is going to die because you messed with it for 10 minutes and are never going to use it again.

It's not going to die. And I am using it, there is some of my random stuff in it right now.

That's not just a bruise which it can heal using a small amount of sap. That's gonna take a lot of sap to cover (which depletes the tree's energy).

Read up on these two links:
How Bark is Protection
Bark Peeled Trees

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