If you've got secret goodies to secretly secret away, then this might be for you. It's cheap, it's easy, and only requires that you have an electrical remodel (old work) box somewhere in your home. And if you don't, you could remove a switch or electric outlet to put one in.

**For those that don't know a MacGuffin is a plot device in movies. Examples are the Maltese Falcon, anything Indiana Jones was after, and Charles Foster Kane's sled.

So, you know, your MacGuffin, is what people want.

Step 1: Hide That Treasure

If you're lucky enough to have an electrical outlet or switch that is in a remodel box (or "old work" box) you can easily access the hidden crevices of your home. These spaces are ideal for concealing money, jewels, precious metals, or green herbs that you smoke that are now becoming legal in states that you probably don't live in.

Unscrew the plate to expose the outlet/switch and the remodel box.
<p>Clever, but I suggest mentioning that you shouldn't play with electrical sockets unless you have experience working with electrics.</p>
<p>Oddly enough, this is better than some of the &quot;outlet wall safe's&quot; out there. This would be way more secure. Great job!!!</p>
<p>Thanks! It's not something you get to easily, but the working switch/outlet will definitely throw people off the trail. I'm sure it could be rigged up to be functional and easily removed as well.</p>

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