Introduction: Hiding Money ''thread Roll''

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thread rolls, which can be found in mostly all the houses so why not we use these rolls not only for sewing cloths but a hiding place for money as well. I will show you how to very easily hide money inside the rolls.

Step 1: Things You Need...

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1.empty box to place thread rolls

2.lots of thread rolls

4.anything to push money inside the roll (i use cotton bud)

Step 2: Procedure of Folding and Hiding

Picture of Procedure of Folding and Hiding

1.take a note (paper money) and fold it like shown in the first image make a small roll of note like shown in 2nd and 3rd image.

3.put the note inside the thread roll and push it down using a cotton bud,match stick or anything you have.

And make sure paper money is place in the middle of the both holes so that no one can see it easily if they use the thread.

Step 3: Finally....

Picture of Finally....

Place the thread rolls which have money first then put other rolls as your wish.

now everything you can sleep without any concern...:)


SanskarT (author)2015-09-08


lelaf (author)2015-08-01

Genius way ti hide bills :)

sobeeya (author)2015-06-14


snowriderdk (author)sobeeya2015-06-19

yes funny and convenient for hiding :)

grannyjones (author)2015-06-14

Now I have to look inside all the thread spools at the thrift shop!

snowriderdk (author)grannyjones2015-06-19


susiefreckleface (author)2015-06-14

nice. I also like the cliche under the mattress for convenience though.

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